This Saturday will be dedicated to a very original designer and his brand Soluna, whose brand was launched last month.

An event has been raised in the occasion of the launch of the Soluna brand in China on the 15th of May 2015. The international company is aiming at the huge Chinese market. The event began with a buffet displayed for guests, then when they arrived they had the time to take a look at the collection designed for the season.

What is Soluna?


Soluna is a Peruvian-British brand founded by Miguel Depaz, a Peruvian born man who has travelled around the world including China, France and United Kingdom. After gaining an amazingly rich international experience and becoming a British citizen, he decided to create a high-end brand reuniting his newly citizenship and his deeply loved Peruvian roots. This is how Soluna was born, by mixing the mystical Peruvian culture and the fresh and modern British design.  Taking extremely care to his home country economic situation, he decided to keep the premium production to Peru where the jewellery is handmade.

IMG_9368 IMG_9366

The Peruvian roots are even felt in the Brand’s name which is a mix between Sol (Sun in Spanish) and Luna (Moon in Spanish).

A social engagement

lima-peru (1)

Soluna’s is operating in Peru a social and ethical campaign by providing to its employees a life insurance, health checks, doctors’ appointments, not underpaid wages and development program for them. This is quite uncommon in an area like South America. Moreover they are concerned by environmental issues, which is specifically why they produce eco-friendly products using technologies and production methods that have a minimal impact on the environment.

Soluna’s services


Being a Premium brand, it is highly important for Soluna to fulfil their customers’ needs by offering high quality services. Soluna can provide personalised advice if you are lacking inspiration for gifts for example or you can also ask for a special gift wrap, at your convenience. It doesn’t stop there, for a more meaningful and personal gift you can engrave it, make your gift a moment for life.

The event


The event was the occasion for Miguel Depaz to remind everyone of Soluna’s concept, a perfect blend of 2 different cultures. Every guest was thanked for their presence and a contest has been organized.


Each person invited had to answer a question on a paper and the person who would be drawn will win one of Soluna’s creation.


A red-carpet like place has been settled where every guest could take pictures and sign on the background, with models hosting the event, the festivity had this glamorous Hollywood atmosphere representing the prestige of the brand.

A communication campaign


This event took place in Shanghai during The Great British Brands Festival, where events similar to this one are maid across Chinese cities (like Chengdu or Beijing). Organize such an event is part of a communication strategy that has already been started by Soluna. Indeed, before launching their brand in China they managed to get online Chinese magazines to talk about them and to organize a WeChat presence (one of China’s most used social media).

As Miguel Depaz would say don’t forget to “Differentiate yourself – Wear Soluna Jewellery”.