This is a market that subconsciously success to enter into people habits, even if there are still some skeptics about the “benefits” of these drinks. Years ago, talking about energizing drinks was almost taboo because often assimilated to illicit substances or only made for top athletes, but things have changed.

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Energy drink market boom in China

On the one hand, because sport became a trendy thing increasingly extending in China, the Chinese want to be “Fit” and “Healthy”, the sport is not only reserved for top athletes. On another hand, Energy drinks are now consumed daily as drinking a soda or fruit juice. How to explain the success of these energy drinks?

1) The brand image of your campaign

Here you have to adapt your brand image with what is reflecting the energy drink market, means a dynamic image, fun and bubbly and that will catch people to let them buy your drink. Your campaign should reflect the image reflecting by your drink so your message could be Cleary perceived from your potential audience. A brand of energy drink in China has succeeded to get stick to people’s mind: Gatorade China (佳 得 乐).


This brand of American beverage partner of the famous NBA and NFL created a very creative campaign. The main message that the brand wants to communicate to the consumers is that the drink helps to rehydrate after providing effort. How to communicate your message in an original way? The brand had the idea to place the bottles on the sprinklers of a playground. Gatorade wanted to play on the fact that sprinklers rehydrate the grass after people using it as the drink rehydrates athletes after exercise.


2) Communication on social networks

Social networks are a force of proposal especially in the case of the beverage sector. Why? Because social media are used to reach a large target within a short period of time. Why the beverage sector? You’ve probably seen the phenomenon trend around pictures but also around the sport. Sharing a photo with friends that showed his energy drink with the gym in the background… yes it is trendy.

And that phenomenon benefits the brands, you have to ensure that your beverage will be the one posted on those people’s social media sharing with their friends. You must have an effective campaign on social media. If you are not really aware of the process, you can contact us: [email protected]


3) The inevitable video tool

A video is a vital tool that can be shared and spread very quickly on social networks. Here is a very interesting video brand campaign about Go Player energy drink that is playing on the sporting side of the drink. The bottles have a design that looks like dumbbells, the bottles were placed in the same rack as dumbbells, and whoever wants to test the bottle, had to show off some strength!


4) Adapting to local market

If you want to succeed in the Chinese market, you must adapt to the local market and consumer habits. Two giant’s brands of drinks: Coca-Cola and Pepsi wanted to unlock the secrets of a successful business in the Chinese market. How did they do it?

Pepsi knows some success with its Gatorade energy drink, not by only leading a successful marketing campaign (mentioned above), but also trying to innovate taste with plants from the Chinese pharmacopeia.

Coca-Cola with its Glaceau Vitaminwater is a hit in China. Coca-Cola acquired Glaceau in 2007 for the amount of $ 4.1 billion and China is the 14th market for these drinks vitamin water. Unlike other energy drinks, this one has inspired the healthier side without any preservatives and the light colors of the drink reinforce this idea of good health. This drink is often successful to women doing sports such as yoga, for example. Unlike other energy drinks that targeting more physical sports, this drink is moving to a more relaxing side.


To conclude, the market for energy drinks has taken its place in the daily life of Chinese, it shows a change in mindsets, increasingly turning to the West.

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