Baidu and Qihoo’s Conflict

If you are a 360 anti-virus users (developed by Qihoo), you will have some trouble when browsing Baidu (China’s search engine giant, also involving most online businesses like forums, blogs and online encyclopedia).

When you open a page of Baidu, it will be redirected to the homepage of Baidu.

Brief introduction

The war between the two China IT giants has begun. It all started from August of this year.
August 16: 360 started its search engine
On this day, 360 released its own searching engine: so.360 ( It is a combination of the function of Baidu and Google.
If you search on that, you will get the result from Baidu.

August 28: Baidu’s revenge
From this day on, the user of 360 searching engine will not get results from Baidu instead be redirected to Baidu’s homepage. It may not sound like much, but it adds a lot extra trouble for users. Many users just gave up 360 and start to use Baidu.
August 29: 360’s counter attack
Users of 360 discovered that from August 29, Baidu search and all its function has disappeared from 360 searching engine: Baidu news becomes 360 search; Baidu mp3 becomes Sogou music; Baidu maps is replaced by Google maps; Baidu video, Baidu Q&A becomes 360 video and 360 Q&A; Weibo (Micro-blog) results directly extracted from Sina; Baidu image is replaced by Jike search; Baidu shopping becomes Taobao.

Fight between a “thug” and a “rogue”

Some media press defines the conflicts between these two companies as a fight between a “thug” and a “rogue”
In many users’ eyes, Baidu is a thug because of its paid ranking and Baidu ads. But people have little options when it comes down to it because Baidu is the only choice. That explains why people expected a rival to come.
As the first free anti-virus software, 360 has a huge database of users. That’s also the source of confidence when 360 faced their big thug rivals like Tencent and Baidu.

Response from users

Users have been clearly divided into two sides, supporters of Baidu and supporters of 360. They don’t choose their side due to their love for them but for the one they dislike less. As one IT celebrity, Kaifu Lee, who responded to the issues of who will lose the war? It appears that the users are the biggest losers in this game.

360 supporters:
Look at the results you get from Baidu. They don’t rank better for their content but simply for paying more.
Just think about why there will be “anti-Baidu alliance”. (Because Baidu monopoly in the market, takes 75% of the market share. )
Nobody can benefit from a market monopolied by one company. Baidu will lose its momentum for development; users will get bad service; other competitors cannot grow. So I hope there will be a company to break the monopoly of China’s searching engine market for the sake of China’s search engine future.

Baidu supporters:
Does 360 have any self-owned technology? The real tragedy for users is that even a rookie competitor can beat Baidu.
I just don’t like that 360 broke the monopoly without anything innovative instead steals achievements from others in the name of “for the users”.
I agree Baidu is not so great, but search function is developed by them. What’s the difference between direct quote and rob?



Two IT giants fight together for the search engine market. But Qihoo still has a lot to do to defeat his enemy.

baidu 70,980,000
google 22,500,000
soso 15,060,000
sogou 7,566,000
yahoo 498,000
qihoo 5,256,000

This table shows how many IP have visited major searching engines in China.  We can see the share of Qihoo is only 7% of that of Baidu.

The data is from tool seowhy today.

Source: WangYi, China Busines,Southern Metropolis Dailys