Fotile advertising Campaign in China for Mothers days!

Description of the Campaign

Fotile a brand that undersstands you.



A Teasing Strategy

The advertising of Fotile give people a big surprise

It is not a Car advertising !

Pay attention to the safety and drive carefully
You thought it’s an advertisement of cars or some new technology products while watching this.However, it’s like this as follows.




The best time to replenish vitamins and dietary fiber is in the morning

There is jetlag in your love (litteral translation)


You find it’s an ads for Fortile only at the end

In this six-minutes advertising video,it only shows the name of the brand at the end,there is only one M in the whole video, for Mothers’ Day while seeing Mother in the end.


Everything is about the love about Mothers !

In the video,Fotile use the personification for the Home Appliance and use metaphor for the caring  ot mothers.

And in the end,many people have the same feelings of”the love of mothers is the strongest capacity in the world”.

Knowing what you like to eat,and understanding more your heart is the mothers.

“The love of mothers is the strongest capacity in the world.”

We do not know the Agency that realized this Ads.


What do you think of this Ads ?

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