Sohu is a Chinese Internet company based in Beijing and created in 1996. It has a search engine called Sogou. It always had a lot of success. What about this year?


Sohu announced that it cumulated a total revenues of 477million US$, made an increase of 24% year after year, and 11% quarter after quarter. Sohu total revenues were about 119 million US$, and made an increase up to 12% quarter after quarter and up to 70% year over year. It mobile app called Sogou Keyboard is the most popular Keyboard in China. It’s one of the best search engines in China.


Integration with Tencent

In 2014, Sohu made an agreement with Tencent, a Chinese company. This agreement was about integrating Soso, Tencent’s search brand into Sougou’s services to allow Sougou to have a larger search service. It also cooperate with the most used service of Tencent: WeChat, a messaging app. It added a feature called WeChat Headlines, which surfaces some breaking new stories. It was about allowing WeChat’s users to share the most exciting breaking news of the country in the app. These partnerships increased Sogou’s search traffic over 150% in the past twelve month, which is a remarkable performance.


Great performances

Recently, Sohu reported its performance for the year 2014. It indicated that its total revenues amounted to 1.7 billion$ which represented an increase up to 19%. Its services helped this growth: in fact Sohu Sougou revenue were to 119million$ in the fourth quarter of 2014, representing a growth of 70%. Sohu Media Portal’s revenues were 198 million$ (up 9% year after year), Sohu video’s revenues were about 176million $, its game on line’s revenues were 652million$ but knew a decrease about 3%. Its total advertising revenues were about 899 million$, which represents 49% more than the year 2013. This include the brand advertising which get 541million$ in 2014, 26% more than in 2013. This increase was due to the online videos and the real estate advertising businesses provided by Sohu that scored a great performance this year.



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