As Burberry, Michael Kors and other luxury brands have closed most of their stores in China due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, their online presence in the Chinese market has become particularly important. Prada, which is always cautious about online channels, has also quietly stepped on the gas pedal to accelerate its entry into third-party platforms.


Luxury brands’ emphasis on Chinese e-commerce platforms

It is reported that Prada has opened an official store in T-mall and it is in the trial operation stage. The online and offline products are not updated simultaneously, which means there will be exclusive products in T-mall.

According to statistics, Prada’s T-mall store has launched a total of 75 items, including 26 men’s and women’s garments, 36 bags and 13 shoes, with prices ranging from 1,900 yuan to 25,200 yuan.

It is worth noting that this is the third time that Prada has cooperated with the Chinese e-commerce platform. At the end of May 2019, Prada signed a cooperation agreement with Chinese luxury e-commerce retailer Secoo, and its two core brands Prada and MiuMiu will officially enter Secoo from June 2019. Some insiders believe that the cooperation between Prada and Secoo is conducive to the group’s strengthening of control over distribution channels and protection of brand image.

Soon after entering the Secoo, Prada also entered another Chinese e-commerce platform — during the 618 shopping festival, Prada group’s three key brands Prada, MiuMiu and Car Shoe entered JD.


How to sell on Tmall Global – The Leading Chinese Cross-Border E-Commerce Platform


Tmall The comparison with a shopping mall is actually quite relevant. You can give your store a unique style and feel. And you renounce on controlling the outside, you are in the same location as your competitors, but you benefit from a very large traffic of potential customers. source




The outbreak of the virus highlights the advantages of e-commerce platforms

It is understood that the development of Prada’s online channel in China has been relatively lagging behind. Before June 2019, Prada and MiuMiu only opened official online boutiques in China. However, in less than a month, Prada has entered the Secoo and JD successively, which shows its determination to increase the online channel. However, in the following half a year, Prada did not continue to launch other e-commerce platforms, indicating that it is cautious about entering third-party platforms.

Now Prada enters the T-mall platform, possibly because the outbreak of the virus has seriously affected the operation of offline stores. Prada has temporarily closed some of its brand stores in mainland China and Macau due to the virus outbreak. In addition, Prada’s flagship store at HK, closed in early February, four months ahead of schedule. Under the impact of offline operation, Prada chose to accelerate the layout of online channels.

An Overview of the Chinese Fierce Luxury E-Commerce Battle


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