As far as B2C (Business to Consumer) marketing is concerned, many people focus on the digital platforms to enhance their brand, but web marketing is also efficient in B2B (Business to Business). B2B marketing represents all the commercial relations between two companies. In the manufacturing sector, e-marketing operations are useful because they help to attract potential clients. Therefore, many agencies offer to help manufacturers develop on the net.

The main objectives are to increase sales in B2B, find new targets and attain customer loyalty from current clients.


The Web and Manufacturers in China


The manufacturing sector is really interesting in China: it represents 70% of China’s GDP. China is the world’s leading producer, with strategies based on a cheap workforce and cheap prices, but this is changing with the times, and there has been a notable increase of salaries.

So, many manufacturing companies are looking for better quality, utilising automatic production techniques. We can assign manufacturing products into two categories : standard products and custom solutions.

Chinese quality


Is improving websites the best solution for manufacturing companies ?


It’s important to notice that 80% of Chinese buyers begin their searches of sourcing on the internet and that 95% of the Chinese manufacturers buyers use the internet to find suppliers.

We can take the example of Alibaba, an e-commerce site where manufacturers buy products with little added value.

We can also talk about Baidu, leader of search engines in China, where we can do SEO.


Baidu SEO


An Adword campaign, perhaps?


To test the market, it’s important to choose Adword campaigns because professionals prefer results that are highly ranked on search engines to reassure them of the authenticity of their authenticity. For more information, check out this article



e-Marketing for B2B in China


A successful e-marketing strategy needs to identify the needs of the clients, and new trends and innovations in order to respond well to the specified markets.

Then, you must identify the best way to reach the target market by segmenting the market into smaller sections which share certain characteristics: either demographically, geographically or psychographically.


How to communicate in B2B Marketing ?


For manufacturers, companies that have a budget for communication and marketing, we often find it difficult to communicate, and therefore offline media solutions are preferred (catalogues, trade shows, brochures etc.).

However, it’s important to have a Chinese website which is search engine friendly. Despite these technical solutions, businesses must respect deadlines, offer a quality service and regularly communicate with its clients to gain their long-term loyalty.


The eRP and your online reputation 


The specialised press relations allows to inform professionals of the reliability of its services, and so became very efficient web marketing tools, an expert gratitude is also a positive point.

The manufacturing sector or B2B often overlook marketing, and this is a mistake because Chinese customers trust companies that are well-respected in their field.

Finally, this article shows us that the manufacturing sector is expanding, and that the companies look for more and more presence in China. Using web marketing has become paramount to succeeding in China and is a key success factor in the market.


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