The keys to understand SEO on Baidu


Baidu is the leader in China, and it is difficult for foreign website to understand the Way of Thinking of Baidu, and appear n the result…

Let me explain that for you. more information about Baidu


Little introduction about the chinese Internet

For those who don’t know the chinese market of the Internet, let me recap you the main trends.

With more than 570 millions Internet users (figures of 2013), China represents a huge online market and it’s more and more attractive for companies who want to develop themselves in this country-continent. It’s multiplied by 12 compared to the French market.

I think you have guess, China is one of the most complex market on the planet, with an administrative, cultural and language barrier.

Search engines are no exception to this rule. The censorship give to the local actors advantages, but especially drawbacks to forein companies. You may know, there is a censorship on Google one month to two in China. Now it moves in Hong-Kong and thus this is Baidu which is the big leader of research on the Chinese Internet.

So If you want to optimize your website in Chinese for the chinese, it’s on Baidu that you have to act.

Today, we will try to understand the actor which represents 70 to 80% of market shares in China.


A website in chinese

Baidu is a search engine in chinese, he takes in priority simplified chinese websites (traditional chinese stays for Taiwan and Hong Kong). English is also to be avoided.


To success on Baidu, the Chinese must be everywhere.

And good chinese… Requests in mandarin are very specific and the approximative chinese (chinese translate from english or with “Google Translate” is to avoid. You may think it’s stupid but 50% of people which I talked with are making this mistake. 95% of chinese don’t speak english.


 Chinese SEO

A host in China

It’s better to be host in China for the user. The loading time in China is 10 times bigger than for a website located in Europe or United States.

For SEO, it’s also very important to be hostes in China, especially for Baidu which puts a bonus to local websites and a penalty to external websites. To be hosted in China, you have to pass the administrative chinese barriers, designate a legal person in charge for the website and accept every conditions of the chinese government…


Titles, metas and keywords

It’s very important on Baidu to have clear tittles, and a repetition of the keywords, like it was for Google before 2005. It’s very important for Baidu to fill in the meta description which is take into account by this search engine. We repeat and repeat the keywords… what are we doing?

We repeat the keywords! and repeat and repeat …


Position yourself on good requests

You have to know an important thing about Baidu… On the most competitive requests Baidu advertising covers the 11 first results on his first page. It is thus important before choosing the position to analyze the results and to choose requests longer but not monopolize but the ad of Baidu. The 3 following results will be Baidu websites.

For example the word “webmarketing” with 6 paid results and the official ads.


Most of chinese don’t know that they are paid requests.


Important Backlinks only

  • Baidu will give a priority to trusted websites on backlinks such as government websites and main online newspapers.
  • Baidu gives a priority to websites of the Baidu network, Baike the Wikipedia of Baidu, Zhidao, the Questions/Answers and Tieba the forum of Baidu.
  • To succeed on Baidu, you have to be focused on acquisition of important links.


Backlinks which are not important

  • Mondial websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are blocked in China and thus are useless for Baidu.
  • Links in another language than chinese are invisible.
  • Links from chinese SNS don’t count so much, Sina Weibo, Kaixin or Renren because they are competitors of Baidu.
  • Websites blocked by the chinese government don’t have any influence on the positioning on Baidu.


Quantity of links before everything

Baidu puts on the top websites with a big quantity of links which point out to the website, without discrimination on the links. The more you have links, the more you go up…

Blackhat strategies of massive acquisition of links work very well on Baidu. Without a lot of incoming links, it’s hard to show up on the most competitive market of the world.

Links of the home page and in footer count a lot for the Baidu Rank.
For example, the main chinese online newspapers have a homepage with a lot of links.

I let you see the work of  😉


The errors not to be made

  1. Avoid Flash and Javascript on your website, Baidu can’t recognize it and thus can’t index your website
  2. Don’t attack the chinese government or you will be censored (the same for pornographic or too coquettish…). For the anecdote, my “Test” website was censored during 1 year on Baidu, while I was talking about “beautiful chinese girls”.
  3. Do not forget to submit your website to Baidu.
  4. Also put your sitemap on the homepage.


Now you know everything or almost ? If you have any questions, I will do my best to answer in the comments.


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