The new China Mobile’s ad campaign


China Mobile is the largest wireless service provider in China. It has launched a new advertising campaign with the following visuals:



China mobile 1

China mobile 2


China Mobile 3


China mobile 4jpeg


Analysis of the communication


Until then China Mobil did not communicate a lot and was not well known for being innovative in marketing. Indeed as a semi-public institution China Mobile has always been supported by the chinese government. Its former marketing strategy was more or less only aimed at protecting the good institutional image of the company.

With these visuals it seems that a new marketing policy is coming. With these visuals DMG China the ad agency selected for the making of the China Mobile ad campaign wanted to associate the brand with vacations, trips and so on. To put it in a nutshell China Mobile should be seen as your trip partner no matter where you go, when you go, why you go, how you go or  how long you will stay there.

Advertising in China

So I have a question in my mind.  As you know the main benefits of chinese mobile network operators are made with phone calls between different provinces of China that cost 5 to 10 more than local calls. Is this campaign the sign that the wireless service provider giant will change its price policy ? Is China Mobile really going to become my travel partner?


As far as I know the answer is NO.

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