The new chinese president ends the censorship

We already talked about the “Great Firewall of China” in our articles that is to say the Internet censorship by the government in China.

For a reminder, it was initiated by Fang Binxing and by the Communist Party of China in 1998. It was really set up in 2003. Several American websites are simply offline. This is the case of YouTube, Facebook or Twitter for the famous examples. Beyond the simple censorship of these websites, information on the chinese Internet is very controlled. One of the famous examples is the one of the pictures censorship of Tian’anmen rebellions on Baidu Image which show only beautiful landscapes and didn’t show the tanks against the population.

But things are going to change. Indeed, the new president Xi Jinping recently had a meeting with Fang Binxing to discuss about this censorship and step by step eradicate it. Xi Jinping maybe wants to make a good impression to the chinese people after many years of fights to get a free Internet. This will not happen tomorrow but the president which is currently in Africa said the things are going fast.

This is an extract of the press release by the party which evocates the meeting :


So what do you think ? The Government will do what he said or it is just words ?


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