Presentation of the project

The American chain Hotel Sheraton recently builds an amazing hotel with the shape of a ring. It’s located by the Tai Hu lake in China. With about 300 rooms, the hotel offers a great view of the city Huzhou, North of the province of Zhejiang.

It’s the architecture firm based in Beijing who leads the project, with Ma Yansong as the main architect. The audacious design of this palace located in Huzhou also know as the “silk city” . Its originality is in the fact that its shape looks like a ring and its location is above the Tai lake. With this one, Sheraton already has 30 hotels in Asia.




A huge project really expensive

Due to its size, the hotel is also visible from place far away. The original form of the complex also surprised travelers. It is nicknamed the Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort. About its characteristics, it out-stands the lake by about 100 meters and its width reaches 116 meters. The number of the rooms inside reacheds 321 (44 suites are available as well as 39 villas, each with a private balcony). The entire project has cost 1.15 billion euros.




The quality of a luxurious hotel

Like other hotels in the same class, the Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort offers comfortable rooms including bathrooms with marble bath and a walk-in shower. The rooms are well equipped with latest generation LCD flat screens.
The view from the rooms is magnificent since they overlook the Lake Tai, the third largest lake in China.

Inside the hotel there is also a spa, an indoor pool, a fitness center and a business center.
The exterior lighting system uses LED lights and everything is bright across the front when night falls. Moving patterns and textures also reflected on the surface of the lake. All these creates a special atmosphere aesthetically pleasant.

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