Investment services online in China

About 20% of rich Chinese people are purchasing investment services online.  The new trend seems to be on investing online. What is consisting about? Why are Chinese interested by this new purchase and how to attract those investors? Here below we will go in deeper analysis

Landscape of investment’s services online

 Using broker’s services or even traditional way of investments appears to be too costly and not so convenient for investors. More websites are actually offering a new way to invest and new interesting options opportunities:

  • Firstly, some websites allowed you to make high return of investment by and without paying these hefty fees.
  • Second, those investment services online are actually using low-cost exchange trading funds allowing investors to increase portfolio gains as 2%.
  • Thirdly, some websites are offering “matching investment profile”. Depending on your age and your profile, they are offering you the best investment choice.

Why it attracts Chinese customers?

business en Chine

 Are we going towards a new way of thinking? As many businesses in the world, China is starting to be really interested in investments services online because the interest rates are much higher than the banks ones.

Years ago, Chinese people did not really feel so eased to invest money in financial trading or structure because too risky and dangerous. But they are becoming more educated about online investment funds and how to approach and understand the financial market.

Adding to this, more and more investments services online companies are attracting Chinese customers with a strong marketing strategy in place.

Here you can actually find an interesting article about Chinese outbound investment in food and beverage: click here.

 Solutions to attract Chinese investors


 You have two kinds of potential clients. The first one are investors who are seeking investment services online have usually strong knowledge in the financial market and the second are the ones who are interesting in investing money but don’t have so much knowledge about the market.  Depending on the first or the second one target, you have to think about the keywords that you will use.

SEO on Baidu is not only relying on keywords but it is a combination of an updating content and the use of relevant keywords. You have to generate more content with efficient information. Write more articles about investment, for example, “Top 7 places to get a higher ROI”.

SEO is consisting in backlinks, you have to get links between your website pages and get external links redirecting to your own website. Diversify your links.  

 PR e-reputation

PR is even more important in this field area since it is a high knowledgeable sector. It cannot be compared to clothes, shoes or others standards products. Talking about financial products and investments, usually, people will go through a deep research on Internet seeking for more feedbacks, comments and information. Remember that Chinese people are really suspicious customers, years ago, they weren’t interested in investing in the financial market, so before trust any investment online services, they will take time to compare.

You have to be present on relevant online websites in order to increase your brand awareness and image. You have to get positive feedbacks and comments about your online service.

Alipay and Wechat

 Alibaba is not always far from any burgeoning market. Alipay has joined a platform of investment called Tianhong Asset Management, this allowing Alipay users to invest their money in this investment fund.

Tencent has rapidly replied to its competitor by also joining the financial market battle by using its main competitive advantage: Wechat.

Tencent’s Wechat mobile user can directly transfer their wallet money into the investment fund running by the giant China Asset Management.


Campaign overview with International Forex Company

Forex ChinaWebsite traffic /6months : 70 000 unique visitors

Solutions : SEO  + PPC + ereputation

Leads : 1620 leads

Cost per leads : 202 Rmb.




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