In 2011, the turnover made by companies above designated size totalled 615.3 billion RMB, increased by 26.86%. Total sales amounted to 597.5 billion RMB,increased by 26.59%.

instrument market revenue

instrument market revenue 2

The market becomes more mature

With the increase of the cost such as raw material, labor, operational expenses, the profit margin has been squeezed in the past few years. For example, the profit margin for many branches of this market like lab analysis instrument have experienced negative growth.

Imported instruments are still favored

In China instrument industry, the trade deficit keeps increasing, hitting record-breaking 17.3 billion USD. Gross import totalled 36.2 billion USD, increased by 5.37%.

Mmost of these imported instruments are middle and high end industrial automation instruments, lab analytical instruments, medical instruments.

many kinds of instrument

Fast development of local companies

Among 600,000 kw supercritical thermal power sets working now in China, more than 30 of them are made by local companies; and for 1million kw supercritical thermal power sets, there are three local companies are able to fabricate them. This fact results in the great decrease in the price of imported ones.

The level of concentration is raising

China instrument industry is now going through a period of merging. In the past two year, we can see an M&A rush in this field:  China Automation Holding with Wuzhong Instrument, Lishi with Concord, Juguang with Jitian, Zhonghang Diance with Yaohua, Shanghai Automation with Thales (France)…

(source: China Instrument Industry Association)

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