The relation between Baidu, WeChat, Weibo and Taobao

It’s been a long long discussion between the marketers which SNS platform is better? And more and more people take them as competitors. However, they themselves are not real competitors. In fact, their target people are not the same. WeChat is more a platform for friends to know each other than a gigantic online discussion group like Weibo. So basically, they are more complimentary platforms than competitors.
Even the companies developing them: Tencent and Sina are not real competitors. The real competitor of Tencent now is Taobao, or its parental company Alibaba Corporation. Just look at what they are doing, Tencent develops its own ecommerce platform, payment system and Ali is working on its own SNS platform Wei Tao.
The reason of their competition is very obvious: to dominate Chinese E-commerce market which is the most profitable business in online market.

Those hands in the E-commerce Cake

Besides Tencent and Ali, Baidu and Sina are also staring at this market.


The biggest IT company in Asia, only next to Google and Amazon. Its flagship product is QQ and WeChat as well as all the affiliation applications and products bound to them. It makes big profit from online games and other pay-service. As for its role in the ecommerce industry line, Tencent has been the traffic contributor to Taobao for years. But Tencent decided to develop its own platform to take market share from Taobao. Thus they develop its own ecommerce platform: Tencent PaiPai and payment system CaiFuTong.

Alibaba Corporation

Alibaba Corporation (also called “Ali”): China’s biggest Internet company, second worldwide. The most famous brands of Alibaba are Taobao (the biggest online shopping platform in Asia), Tmall (the fist ecommerce platform of Ali now) and Alibaba. Even though Ali has already been regarded as the only dominator in Ecommerce market, it’s also facing the menace and direct challenge from its competitors. To protect their market share, Ali now is trying hard to cultivate its own SNS platforms, Wei Tao, mainly for its ecommerce users; and ETao, a searching engine for user want to look for product.

Chinese internet giantmore information about ecommerce in China in this post.



As the most popular search engine in Chinese, Baidu has long been the king of search engine market in China after Google’s leave. However, Baidu has to face the new situation that many of their customers now are moving to professional ecommerce search engine such as Etao from Ali, though it’s not a mature search engine yet. While for other companies, especially those companies haven’t registered on any Ecommerce sites like Taobao and JD, Baidu is still their first choice.

And no matter how ecommerce site develops, search engine is always important for those big ecommerce brands.
Sina: Sina has the most influential portal in China as well as social media platforms including Sina blog and Sina Weibo. Although those products have attracted considerable users, Sina hasn’t make big money from that. It seems Sina’s strategy is to catch users as many as possible. Facing the competition from Tencent, Sina also takes action. For example, Sina purchased WeMeet which is a mobile app almost identical as WeChat.

The battlefields

  • Baidu VS Etao
  • WeChat VS Weibo
  • WeChat VS Taobao

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