Time out Shanghai: the stolen phone tour ad


There are many ways to find things to do in the city of Shanghai. But Time Out goes further than the others, to find the hidden treasures of the city. The challenge was to demonstrate it, in a way that attracts significant attention. This would help to differentiate Time Out Shanghai, increasing its readers, and to make it more attractive to advertisers.


The idea is really in the product itself: Time Out Shanghai goes deeper into the city to find hidden treasures that might not otherwise be discovered.

To demonstrate this, we have created the Tour of stolen phone. We deliberately “Lost” Time Out Shanghai mobile phone and placed it on a street in Shanghai, available for any person to pick up. Once someone did pick up the phone, they received a text: “Get in the cab that has just pulled up.”

The cab would take the people who took the phone around the city to find places they would never have seen on their own. The only communication was via SMS on the phone. Each stop along the way was caught by a hidden camera.

The video has had more than 10 000 views in total, with two Youtube addresses, and many people left comments, reacting about this great idea.

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