Before any SEO strategy in China, you must understand the state of the market.


            The Chinese web in numbers,

  • 42% Internet penetration rate
  • 1.3 billion people, 634 million Internet users,
  • Almost 50% of connected persons realise online purchases.

1/ Search engines

Forget about Google, it’s been ousted from China for quite a while. Now we are talking about Baidu (at 61%) and Haosou (360 SO at 25%)



More information about SEO of Baidu it’s here

2/ Choice URL


Baidu unlike Google attaches more importance to absolute URLs, keywords in the URL, and not just attach importance to keywords.  Baidu favors especially .com and .cn. That’s why it’s very interesting to have a website in Chinese with .cn


3/ The homepage


Our homepage should be rich of information and must have a lot of redirection link. After benchmarking different websites, the most populars are those where there is the most information and also or the home page is sometimes very long. On this page, you have just the homepage of soghou: here

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4/ Backlinks


The system of Backlinks is very used on the Chinese search engines. A link system is a meanssothat the webmaster can position any site on anysearchengine.To arrive atthis, hewill use several techniques such as adding links on media sites share the content of articles on social networks. Having in mind that if you write an article of very good quality, it can be cited and taken over by another person (for example : lemonde, New York Times). So it will naturally improve your SEO.



5/ The importance of content

Chinese search engines expect a lot of content for well-referenced websites. Indeed, you must constantly publish new content, update our blog. In addition, Baidu does accept copy and paste unlike Google. The latter promotes more on quality over quantity thanBaidu.


6/ Website Hosting

As for accommodations, you must follow this golden rule: don’t take a shared server.

A shared server means that a single IP address can host multiple websites of several clients. The risk is  that if someone else does something illegal with your IP, the government can block your IP and thus at the same time your site.



Moreover, it’s preferable to hosting your site in China. Baidu is the main search engine in China and greatly favors sites that are hosted in China and conversely disadvantage hosting websites outside China.


7/ SEO Tag


SEO tags in china work like Google, it is essential to be careful with these tags if you want to have the chance that your website appears on the first page of Google.


            -Tag Title


A catchy title is the basis of any good article but you have to describe the content of your page.

– Tag Description





For all pages of the site, you need to make a small description of the content of the pages


– Tag Keyword


Having a list of keywords related to your business and content of your page. This will help for SEO, because search engine robots scan first the title of your page, the description and the structure, After that he compares it with the keywords to see if there are any correspondence.


8/ No critiques the gouvernement


Avoid in anyway to criticize the communist party underthreat of beingblacklisted or poorlyreferenced. Also do not use wordsthat are censored, such as “«Chinese People Tell the Truth ” and ” North Korea falls out with China ”


9/ Website for smartphone


At the beginning of 2014, there are 500 millionusers of mobile internet. Also, a chinese spends on average 26 hours a week on his smartphone. More than day.



It is therefore crucial to have its site in responsive design, so that the content of your pages are suitable for smartphone, tablet and computer

Mobile Website


Website for laptops



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