As an exploding market, China Ecommerce now has already become a tool that nobody should ignore because success on Ecommerce often means success in business in China. To reach this target, there are 5 Key factors to consider:

  • Product for the target
  • Pricing strategy
  • Positioning
  • Design, quality of services
  • Communication tools
  • Reputation

In fact, to run a successful ecommerce website in China is quite similar as what successful bricks-and-mortar retailers do.

And the the following tips are vital for reaching the target: attracting Chinese people to your product page and  convert them into your customers.



Usefull tips for a Successful Ecommerce Website in China:


1) The e-retailer needs to have the product that Chinese people want to buy

Correct product is the foundation and premise for a successful e-retailor. Chinese market is a unique market, some imported products are very successful such as Baby milk formula, while the market is still far from ready to accept some products such as “Smelly Cheese”.

Everybody in ecommerce should ask this question: Why Chinese people should buy on my website  or on Taobao? Why they will choose my online store instead of a shop/supermarket ?

The quailty and the price of the product are not everything for a successful ecommerce site, there’re much more factors to consider.


Find the Top Populars products online

Chinese top sales ecommerce



2) Introduce the product properly

As in a traditional retail store, you need to introduce your product in a better way. There are products in the window to entice the customer passing by.

There are aisles leading to shelves of more products, all conveniently arranged for the customer.

Navigation is also critical in China for any website. So the website design should be well adapted;

=>visitors to your ecommerce website need to have the same feeling, need to go to the same page , the best one.

Any webmasters need to be exam your products pages and compare competitors, in order to make improvments.




Too many ecommerce ventures collapse because the people involved didn’t think enough to secure the supply and distribution of their product ahead of time. What happens when people shopping online don’t get the product they ordered in a reasonable amount of time or even don’t get it at all?

Chinese buyers don’t only get angry,  and no matter how nicely you apologize to them, they’ll never buy anything from you again, but also they’ll compain to all their friends how unhappy they are with your crummy service and share it everywhere online! What makes things worse is that your competitors are always glad to spread this kind of information.


3) Make customer happy

Too many ecommerce entrepreneurs don’t really care about that. User, customers should always be your priority.

happy customers in China

What want your target ? Chinese people want Discounts, want become VIP, want to speak with seller before any purchase like in a shop.


If a potential ecommerce customer tries to access your site and it’s down, do not have anwser to what he search and do not find discount ? what will he do?

He will simply leave and move on to another website. 


People need to have direct information, about products, price and comments of users.

Thus, make sure you have a chatting team connected anytime via QQ or other chating plateforms.

You must have a a fully functional plateform for Chinese market. ‘Under Construction’ or ‘Coming Soon’ banners Chinese people do not understand that.

Usability is an important factors of ecommerce website success. For instance, if a potentiel eshopper can’t navigate on your site easily, they won’t bother he will leave your website.

You also need to pay special attention to the convenience of the buying process in China. They use Alipay or Tencent pay, Union pay. If a Chinese do not find this payement process, he will leave.

Your competitiveness is not only on the popularity, visitors or products it is fonctional.

Having a professional-looking site, fully functional website is one way you build credibility with potential online Chinese shoppers.

Never Forget that you have to win your Chinese customers’ trust before they make any decisions.


A website should be clear. You will use a lot of web pages; it will be organized into “good categories”, searchable by Chinese users, use clean url and products description. Any website provide very detailed information on each product in China, kind of  detail catalogue also provides stock information and makes it easy for the online shopper to purchase the product.


4)Turnover is linked with Traffic

The more you have potential Chinese eshopper, the more chance you have to sell your products no?

=>It is logical.

traffic ecommerce China

The promotion of your website is a key of success, and this promotion should be as efficient as possible.


Get traffic has a cost, cost for advertising, social media traffic, Search Engine optimization, Baidu PPC, or Display…

All these online strategy to get traffics has a cost and different ROI (return on investment) .

Shopping online need to see the product before buy it, if you are visible, you get the good people if you are not, nobody will find you.

Incorporating an online catalogue within get visitors it is a wast. Most of your ecommerce Budget should be taken by the promotion.

A good online promotion include a multi presence:

  • On the search engine : in China it is Baid, Sogou, soso and
  • On the online press or specialized online magazine,
  • On the shopping plateforms: taobao for example
  • On the social media : weibo, wechat for example
  • On the forums, and plateforms where people search usefull information

visitors websites chinese

Ecommerce promotion is a daily job, and need to have a real strategy, identify your target, use your budget with the most efficient way.



5) Ereputation = Conversion rate

Too many ecommerce websites are anonymous and provide very limited contact opportunities for Chinese people. Most of user who are  thinking of shopping online, have a real blow to their credibility.

Most of them will use Tmall to be sure that they are not cheating company. A big part of Chinese customers will also check the comments of other user to check what people say about the products.


Personalized website

Successful ecommerce sites provide real names as contacts, not pseudonyms, they engage themself to be different with cheating companies.

They provide good and usefull information to user about their company, the founder and why buyers should trust to this company.

Olivier ecommerce ChinaWe (marketingtochina) are a website owned by Philip and Olivier, you can check information about us. We want to be very clear with our readers and potential customers.

We are honnest webmarketers, you can find the information about our linkedin, personal details.

We have more than 10 potential customers per week, writte us on our email box, because we exist, and Netizens, potential customers need to trust us.


Build credibility take time and can be destroy easily.

In China, if you are foreign you need to put your picture with your information.

Potential Customers need to feel that they know you. It is like in traditional shop, you buy to a shop, because you know that the owner is honnest and prefer give money to the people that you know that to a or at least that they know something about you, before they’ll do any online shopping.

trust in ecommerce in China

Successful ecommerce websites also provide information about customer service and contact information as clear as possible.

Many Chinese ecommerce websites use FAQs which provides answers to common questions, such as how to order, shipping charges, and return policies.

And no matter how small your ecommerce website is, you still need to provide customer service in real time.

For example, Aliwangwang and Baidu Shangqiao are both Internet based customer service applications that let your ecommerce website visitors get immediate, on-demand help. Now there’s a way to entice ecommerce visitors!

Lastly, if you want to get visitors to your ecommerce website shopping online, you need to make it easy and safe for them to make the payment. Continue on to the next page to read more about ecommerce payment processing.

Online shoppers want the same things from your ecommerce website that they demand from bricks-and-mortar retailers.

You have to use strategy to make them feel safe and comfortable before they start shopping online on your plateform.


Social Media and PR are a good way to improve your reputation

In China, 44% of eshopper check information on social media before purchase. It means that any company should have a good ereputation. If no information about the products, it is not a good sign for Chinese shoppers.

PR is more for search Engine, have good reviews on the top online website speaking about the favorite topics of your target is the best that eshopper can find, and will secure them in their purchase.

Chinese family online


Products have different Conversion rate online

Every products have different success, pictures, content and videos can modify this rate. With analytics, or Baidu Tongji, you can know where visitors come from, and what is the conversion rate of each pages.

you have better to be inspired by your best page, and improve the other.

Analyze your data is a key to understand customer behaviors.


Privilege for Regular Customers

in China, like verywhere in the world you need to discover your best customers, and reward them. You have to know that the cost for getting new clients on ecommerce sites, in China, is becoming higher and higher.

Thus, e-business-men should try harder to keep the existing customers, with gift, and online privilege. VIP card or members is a good way in China to really make them loyal.


Conclusion :

What do you need to consider ?

  1. Your products
  2. Your website
  3. Focused on Customers
  4. Get traffic
  5. and your ereputation

Simple no ?


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