Due to the importance of social media platforms in the Chinese consumer life, brands must create a Weibo account

Brands must include Sina Weibo platform on their marketing strategies.


Weibo is known  to be the Chinese equivalent of Twitter . As Twitter,this micro-blogging platform enables users to write 140 characters posts and include videos, pictures and links. Weibo has around 500 million users and therefore is a powerful platform for brands in order to communicate with costumers, reach a largest audience, get customers’ feedback, engage in conversations with members and promote themselves.

Chanel Weibo

In order to develop an efficient marketing strategy in this microblogging platform, companies have to understand the Weibo’s unique features and focus their efforts in create relevant and highly shareable content.
There are some tips that companies must keep in mind to develop a successful Weibo strategy for their business in China.

Define your direction:

The first step is to define the business and communication goals and the target audience with the aim to create an effective Weibo strategy to achieve those objectives.


Companies have to determine the communication, digital, and social media objectives because depending of the goal, the strategy will be different.

Analyze your environment:

To create an appropriate Weibo strategy, companies have to analyze the market, the target audience and the potential competitors.

Understanding costumers’ preferences is essential to achieve marketing and communication objectives.
As well, companies have to analyze their competitors such their Weibo presence, number of followers, number of tweets and the topics that they use. Analyzing those data, companies are able to identify their opportunities and develop an efficient strategy.


Those techniques help companies to understand their potential customers, create targeted content and develop powerful marketing and communication strategies.

Weibo includes some tools to help companies to know and understand their potential target audience. Weibo Voting is a polling system which enables brands to create survey as a method to engage and collect useful information from their members.

Develop a unique strategy:

After determining the communication goals and analyze the market, is time to plan a strategy. The first step is attracting followers. There are several ways to do it such as following other influential Weibo accounts, promote the Weibo account through other company channels as the website, blogs, emails…

Chalkboard - Strategy

The second step is deciding the type of content to share with followers and when it is best to post it on Weibo through the creation of calendars.

Despite its similar appearance, companies have to assume that their Twitter strategy won’t work for Weibo due to its unique features.

Content is the king:

To have success on Weibo, companies have to create useful content including funny stories, and promotional material. In addition a fresh and often content is vital.


An useful content is vital to attract followers and guarantee the Weibo strategy success. Companies must tap the most popular topics on Weibo including social news, useful information and tips for followers. In addition, companies also have to include content about their brand

Account management:

A Weibo account requires maintenance and constant updates. The best way to approach followers and build strong relationships with them is through a regular activity.

As well, companies have to be prepared to respond and deal with possible crisis such as negative comments.


Companies have to analyze their Weibo account’s performance in order to find mistakes and correct the communication strategy.


Analyzing data, companies have the chance to collect useful information in order to optimize their account and improve their performance.

It’s important to companies keep in mind the previous tips to improve their Weibo strategy. Weibo is a powerful communication tool for brands because through this microblogging platform, brands have the opportunity to reach and engage new customers in China.

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