The outbreak of the coronavirus has hit retail sales around the world hardly. For many international brands that mainly rely on Chinese customers, the decrease of Chinese customers in offline stores has damaged their profit.


However, for brands that have already laid out in advance and actively expanded e-commerce channels, when the sales of offline channels occur problems, the e-commerce platform will become their new solution and T-mall global becomes the first choice.

According to the data, in February, the number of Chinese consumers buying imported products on Tmall global increased by more than 52% year on year.

Among them, beauty and skincare products increased by 459% year on year. In the last 3 months, more than 200,000 new products have been launched in Tmall global, and the number of international brands has increased by 327% year on year.




Online consumption still growing at a high speed


Chinese consumers’ demand for quality imported goods is still growing, which makes China becomes an important market for international brands seeking growth.  When the epidemic is over, Chinese consumers will start “retaliatory consumption”, which is a good opportunity for overseas brands to seek online sales growth.

In fact, brands that are laid out in advance have proven themselves right. Since February 2020, imported home appliances, beauty makeup, skincare, and other products have been greatly welcomed by consumers. Beauty and skincare brands have become the fastest growing industries on T-mall, due to the continuous upgrading of Chinese young females’ demand for skincare products and the apparent recovery of online consumption.

Tmall took a series of measures to help merchants expand sales

Last September, at Alibaba’s import business conference, T-mall global published a new strategy: to meet young consumers’ desire for a diversified lifestyle by introducing new brands and products.

During the virus, Tmall global decided to support merchants register and launch products remotely, they issued a series of preferential policies as well, such as reducing the operation management fees, logistics costs and optimizing transaction rules.

At the same time, in order to accelerate the registration of overseas brands, Tmall business development website currently support 6 languages, the BD team covers more than 20 countries in 5 continents, for further expanding overseas business.