Top 10 of Chinese new trendy words on Internet

The end of the year is coming rapidly! To celebrate it, Marketing to China offers you the Top 10 of the new words or expressions in 2013 coming from the Chinese Internet.


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The most popular words in China in 2013



The N°1 that you can hear everywhere: Tuhao, the rich who comes from the countryside, is a term that is very used to describe every super-rich Chinese people, who have no taste and who spend their money without thinking.

This word has replaced Baofahu, rich in one night.


Gaoduan daqi shangdanci

高端大气上档次: A very cool atmosphere. Used by the Diaosi (losers) to describe something that is too luxurious for them, coming from another world.


Shidong ranju

十动然拒: When the diaosi are offering a gift (very expensive) to a girl they like, and when the girl says that she is very touched but she has to refuse it.



黑木耳: Normally, this is the mushroom that you can eat in China.

Thanks to its aspect, this name was used to describe the beautiful escorts, who pretend to be innocent whereas their sexual organ is “black” or unhealthy.

This term has been created during the Bad Buzz of Hainan Rendez vous this year 2013. As the word  绿茶婊: green tea beach which represents the girl’s name that exposed her body in a sexy dress.




买单侠: The bill Super hero. In China, there are always men who are here to pay the bills. When people are talking, they slip away and go to pay secretly.



基友: It means “a gay guy” and is very used to describe their “friends”.

I’m going out with my “jiyous” tonight!

Buming Jueli

I don’t understand this thing, but I think it is “amazing”. For example, I don’t understand this picture but I think is it amazing.

“Renjian Buchai“

人间 不拆: people life is already enough hard, it is not necessary to tell them the truth. This term appeared in a song of a Taiwanese singer.


Wo he xiaohuoban dou jingdaile


我和小伙伴都惊呆了: My mates and me are very shocked.


Zhuding gudu yisheng


注定孤独一生: You are going to stay alone all your life. This term is used by the diaosi (losers) to denounce the fact that they don’t have girlfriend.



Pictures come from Baidu


Do you have other words that stay in your memory during 2013?

Don’t hesitate to share with us what you know.



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