Yes! The fact is China’s GDP has been slowing for the past few years, but Chinese Tourists continue to show their huge potential in terms of their traveling expenditure.

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China has been the world’s largest outbound market since 2012 with a total expenditure of 104.5 billion US dollars in 2015. If you want to have a share and capitalize on this Chinese tourist market, you need to know, ” What are the Chinese travellers favourite locations? And why do they choose these places? “. The following article will  talk about the top 10 destinations for Chinese tourists and the main reasons behind the growth of these top 10 destinations:

No 1. South Korea


No 2. Taiwan


No 3. Japan


No 4. Hong Kong


No 5. Thailand


No 6. France


No 7. Italy


No 8. Switzerland


No 9. Indonesia


No 10. Germany


Reason 1: Distance

Based on these Top 10 figures, we can see that Asia is still dominating (all the top 5) the Chinese tourism market is heavily influenced by traveling distance. On average, Chinese tourists can get to most countries in Asia in 5 hours flight time. Ease and value for money (inter continental Asian flights are often fairly cheap) still play a big part.

Reason 2: How difficult it is to get prepared?  VISA!

Visa regulations is an important indicator while travellers are searching for destinations. Likewise, for Chinese tourists, the easier the visa application procedure is, the greater the desire to travel created. For example, there are more and more countries intending to sign Visa-Free contracts with China or extend their visa expiring dates like the U.S.A and Britain. This is a sign that these countries are expecting a greater number of Chinese Tourists.

Reason 3: Dream Destination

With this dream destination in mind, Chinese tourists could forget about the Reason 1 & Reason 2 while planning for travel. In terms of European countries: visiting France, Italy etc. are on Chinese tourists‘ bucket lists because of the romantic atmosphere and its historical cities. The marketing of a ‘dream destination’ creates a stronger desire for people to travel further, spend more money, and stay longer if possible.

Reason 4 : Marketing Campaigns

Most countries are actually fighting to attract Chinese travellers to their country.  Many countries are developing online and offline advertising campaigns to let people discover their destination.

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