What is KOL?


KOLs are Key Opinion Leaders. The acronym usually refers to influential public figures, who people perceive as experts in certain fields and knowledgeable on many topics, so they are especially popular in China.

As a result, these « KOL » are sought after and can become a marketing instrument to share a positive message about a brand, so companies can directly influence a large community and reach thousands or even millions of potential customers.

Using digital media is extremely effective in China, more so than in Western countries.  It is clear that the marketing influence of celebrities in the Western world, while useful, does not have the same effect on the customer base, as celebrities in China.

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1. Somans

Somans was born in October 1971 and graduated from China Conservatory of Music. Actually, she is the president of Fashion Group, 《Bazaar》 and also their Chief Editor.



  1. Liu Wen

Born on 27 January 1988 in Yongzhou, Hunan, she is a supermodel and the first Asian model on Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2009。


  1. Angelica Cheung

Current editorial director of Vogue China, she graduated from Peking University Law department and the English Language and Literature Department. She also has a South Australian University MBA degree.


  1. Chen Man

Chinese contemporary artist, photographer and visual artist in an independent visual language, her works have been shown several times around the world. She has done many exhibitions in France, America, Britain, Japan and Shanghai, and at the two art galleries in Hong Kong and Beijing.



  1. Uma Wang

Uma Wang is the first Chinese woman to get to the forefront of the fashion industry, into Central Saint Martin Art Design Institute of China Textile University and London. In 2005 she created her own brand, won many international awards and was mentioned in many magazines, including the Italian version of《VOGUE》. In this season, she first appeared as a member of USA Fashion Association exchange program in the Milan Fashion Week. Because of her breakthrough success, Uma Wang has become a symbol of China’s emerging designers.


  1. Frankie Han

Most people know him because he is a very famous fashion blogger on the web. Frankie Han has his own opinion on fashion. With China’s most popular fashion blog, he has more than 1,000,000 readers. Frankie Han was invited to the CHANEL as a VIP guest.


  • Lucia Liu

T Magazine China executive deputy editor in chief and fashion director.



  • Jimmy

Famous international model and currently the first domestic and international famous image designer. She is China’s first signing of the overseas company’s image designer.







  1. Lv Yan

Born on October 19, 1981, in Dean County Jiangxi Province, China mainland female models. In 1999, she officially entered the fashion world and has participated in the World Supermodel contest, winning the runner-up prize. She has signed contracts in Paris, New York, Milan, Japan, and with an international modeling firm.



“Fashion LINDA” is a Famous model and host.



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