We live in an enchanting and fascinating world with an incredible array of places around us to visit, we should get to experience the beautiful scenery in the world. For travellers there are many luxury cities in the world, such as Paris, London or Dubai.

However, different people have different styles. Please see below for the top 10 luxury cities for Chinese travellers. 


No.1 Dubai, UAE

For the Chinese, Dubai is definitely a city associated luxury travel that expresses prestige and wealth. The first thing for Chinese to consider is shopping and next they will consider travelling,  Dubai is seen as a “enormous shopping mall”.


No.2 Paris, France

Whether it’s a riverside vista that takes in the Seine, Notre-Dame Cathedral, and the Eiffel Tower, or the view of elegant buildings and mansard roofs from a hotel room window, it doesn’t take much to convince anyone that Paris is one of the most beautiful cities on earth. Importantly, there are the large shopping malls for Chinese girls such as Printemps and Galeries Lafayette.

tour eiffel et jogger


No.3 New York, USA

New York City is a center for media, culture, food, fashion, art, research, finance, and trade. It has one of the largest and most famous skylines on earth, dominated by the iconic Empire State Building. “I want to be a part of it, New York, New York”.



No.4 Milan, Italy

Globe trotting across the world in our very own private jet, we landed in Milan, regarded as the high fashion capital of the world.

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No.5 London, UK

The National Gallery or the Tate? The West End or a Victorian park? Bond Street shopping or dinner in Chelsea? The choices are infinite and wonderful. More information here

China England



No.6 The Aegean Sea, Greece

Which place is the most romantic for a wedding venue? Not Maldives, not Paris, not Hawaii… it is the Aegean sea of Greece. All Chinese girls dream that the beautiful Aegean sea will bear witness to their beautiful love.



No.7 Swiss Alps, Switzerland

Adventure skiing is a well-known sport in the Alps. Apart from this, Switzerland has everything to offer when it comes to luxurious living in terms of accommodation, dining and it’s night life with world-class hotels, chalets and spas. More information here

Switz travel

No.8 Venice, Italy

Venice is unlike any other town, no matter how often you have seen it in photos and films, the real thing is more dreamlike than you could ever imagine. more information here

Chinese Italy


No.9 Maldive Islands

The beautiful sea and beach, with a beautiful person beside you… For Chinese people, the Maldives has always been an ideal vacation paradise and honeymoon destination. Further readings.



No.10  Monaco

Begin your luxurious stay in the beautiful place by lounging on your own private beach and hire a yacht to get to explore this amazing destination. Here you also have the famous Monte Carlo Casino.


source Photo Baidu


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