High End Beauty Market in China

Today High-end Beauty brands take a great lead in the Chinese market. Chanel lipstick let women experience luxury with fewer expenses, compared with those saving that you will need to pay to purchase a pair of Christian Louboutin or Hermès handbag. Moreover, and without taking into account power in establishing a relationship between a brand and consumers of the young generation, luxury cosmetic lines are already lucrative in and of themselves.

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Premium Cosmetics Brands in China

Premium cosmetic brands in China are becoming more and more demanded by the post-95 generation, which is becoming the main buying force for cosmetics in China.


What was highly demanded in the world of high-end beauty products in 2017?

The leading players were approaching different targets, in terms of anti-aging products in ultra-glamorous packaging they were selling by European luxury brands, in contrast, Asian brands targeted their products more on younger generation by providing natural beauty products with a lighter luxury style.

Top 10 Marketing Strategies for High-End Beauty Brands in China

1. China Red Campaign by Chanel

This Christmas French brand, well-known for its red lipstick, Chanel launched a highlighted by 4 limited edition red lipsticks collection called The Numeros Rouges, each of them was being placed in a “rare red-lacquered click case”. Chinese consumers’ taste was completely and successfully catered with the all-red theme and in Chinese social media have been called as “中国红” (China red). Chinese actress Liu Shishi (刘诗诗) in July 2017 has been signed to promote makeup lines of Chanel.

Chanel red-lipsticks collection the Numerous Rouge


2. KOL Campaign by Dior

the gold is the other color that is favored by Chinese consumers, while Chanel is classic red. In their new limited edition, the Diorific lipstick line (350 RMB) they added five limited edition shades. Dior package which is called “jewel-like gold case” reflects two conjoined light bulbs. Moreover, the lipstick itself in terms of the novel-looking case has been shaped in the crayon shape. Represented by Dior holiday edition marked “powder lipstick” Diorific Khol features a long-lasting formula. The actress Wang Luodan (王珞丹) this year joined to ads set of Dior campaign in the south of France.

Diorific lipstick line by Dior


3. Beauty Ambassador Campaign by Guerlain

In 2017 a new luxury edition Rouge G was represented by Guerlain, instead of the original silver case, the new collection of luxurious lipsticks were covered in the black case.

Moreover, such great beauties and brand ambassadors as Yang Yang (杨洋), Wang Ziwen (王子文), and Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) were paid big money by Guerlain in the purpose of representing a brand.

High-end Beauty brands

Guerlain luxury edition of lipsticks Rouge G

4. Special collection ” L’absolu Rouge” goes viral by LANCOME

Specially designed collection L’absolu Rouge collection for the holiday season in 2017 was represented by Lancome, which included three new outstanding shades, nude red, orange-red, and mauve red with sparkling and golden-flake shadings. Customers had the opportunity to enjoy lipsticks in sleek black and gold cases. Lately, the famous actress Liu Tao(刘涛) at the beginning of 2017 joined the LANCOME’s Spring Festival campaign in order to promote the brand.

High-end Beauty brands

L’absolu Rouge collection by Lancome

5. Online Celebrity Campaign by Estee Lauder

The new skin care collection Re-Nutriv was represented by EsteeLauder in 2017. The innovative skin care contains anti-aging and skin sculpting diamond truffle extract. The new collection was packaged in black, ornamented with silver and gold. In terms of the price, a cost for 25 ml Re-Nutriv essence is 3,800 RMB. The primary brand ambassador of EsteeLauder is Mi Yang (杨幂), beside of that Estee Lauder was engaged with other celebrities such as Guo Jingjing (郭晶晶), Olympic diving gold medalist.

High-end Beauty brands

Estee Lauder skin care collection Re-Nutriv


6. Ereputation with Beauty Bloggers by Helena Rubinstein

In contrast, Helena Rubinstein in terms of creating limited edition line in China is not into rush lunch that type of special products. Besides of that, the brand launched a Christmas set of day and creams called The Re-Plasty, which contained such featured anti-aging and self-repairing cosmetics. The whole set cost around 3,480 RMB. Helena Rubinstein brand has lots of good relationships and cooperations with the wide range of beauty bloggers, though in China Jia Jingwen (贾静雯)  is the brand ambassador.


High-end Beauty brands

Limited edition anti-aging and self-repairing cosmetic line by Helena Rubinstein


7. Storytelling by Shisheido

In 2017 Shisheido launched a new Waso skincare line, in creating of which Shisheido was inspired by the philosophy of Japanese traditional cuisine. In fact, Waso was derived from Wasoku, the traditional Japanese cuisine that involves only fresh ingredients and with less amount of seasoning in order to improve food’s flavor by itself. In terms of the packaging, it is more simple than the ones that were represented by other brands. Waso also is less aimed to target consumer of the younger generation. As ambassadors of Shisheido in 2017 were Huang Xuan (黄轩) and Tang Yan (唐嫣).  Lately, Gao Yunxuang (高云翔) also joined to the campaign of Shisheido’s in sunblock line.

High-end Beauty brands

Waso skin care line by Shisheido


8. Weibo KOL Campaign by Cle De Peau

A High-end Japanese brand Cle de Peau being inspired by “Chinoiserie” launched a new set of lipstick called as “Clé de Peau Beauté Rouge Allegro n”. Customers can enjoy the 14 creamy and rich shades. In addition, classic CDP mazarine and gold angular design was involved for lipsticks’ packages. In 2017 to the campaign of Cle de Peau joined Wang Luodan (王珞丹) and Wang Lihong (王力宏), and was retweet by KOL on Weibo .

High-end Beauty brands

Clé de Peau Beauté Rouge Allegro n


9. Engage with Succesful Microinfluencers Campaign by Sulwhasoo


Korean cosmetics products constantly pursue the skin “brightening” feature. The new Sulwhasoo collection’s highest priced item is Snowise EX Whitening Serum (1,340 RMB/50ml). In order to express the sense of pure and natural, the package was embellished with white silver top in combination with pearl-like texture at the bottom. Moreover, rare traditional and natural herbal ingredients were involved to create such featured cosmetic item.

High-end Beauty brands

Sulwhasoo Snowise EX Whitening Serum

Comparing with other brands, Sulwhasoo chose successful women from various spheres such as writer Zhang Xiaoxian (张小娴), Olympic medalist Wu Minxia (吴敏霞), and singer An Yixuan (安以轩).


10. Advertise Innovation by HERA

 The anti-aging cream with narcissus essence Signia ampoule (1,800 RMB/50ml), was presented by HERA. In comparison with Sulwhasoo, which are attracting consumers with plant extracts, Signia ampoule is pursuing to be involved with more high tech product.

10 High-end Brands

The anti-aging cream Signia ampoule by HERA

It is packaged in a tall, long bottle embellished with dark gold with two various textures. In order to endorse HERA beauty line products, model He Sui (何穗) and actress Wang Ou (王鸥)worked with that brand, share by other influencers on Chinese Social Media.

source SMCP & Jingdaily 



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