What were the biggest investments in China in 2015?

Since the beginning of the Chinese industrial revolution, China has become a real paradise for all investors around the world. Every year we have some surprises about new start-up which were unknown from general public. Here is the ranking of the China’s 10 biggest funding rounds in 2015. According to you, who is the number one?

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Lu.com, the financial product e-market: US $485 million

Lu.com is an online market place dedicated to many financial products, including P2P lending services. Lu.com saw a new business opportunity in these P2P lending services because we saw this year that P2P lending market exploded in China. This new market brought a lot of money to China, even if one of Chinese P2P lender is now listed on the NYSE, this US $485 million was the biggest single investment in China for online financial sector. But there is a big competition and next year another company will surely take its place.

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NextEV, for the next electric cars: US$500 million

Undoubtedly, China is one of the most popular country regarding innovation. NextEV received a lot of money from the biggest Chinese companies to invest in electric cars, such as Sequoia Capital, Tencent, Hillhouse Capital, JD.com and many others. However, even if this massive investments look extraordinary, NextEV is not ready yet to sell its electric cars, but they still have a big chance to get a big market share and to spread around the world quite quickly.

Meizu, your next favourite smartphone: US$590 million

You don’t know this brand yet? It’s maybe the new Chinese Apple! In China it became really famous in such a short time. This start-up received this huge amount of money from the Giant Alibaba. Alibaba even gave to this start-up an access to its e-commerce infrastructure and customer base, so we can almost surely say that Meizu will have a great future in the world of business technologies.


Ele.me, your food app: US$630 million

The brave Ele.me is not impressed by its giant competitors. Of course, who can say in China that he has never ordered food from Meituan, Dianping or also Baidu Waimai. Despite the fact that Ele.me is new on its market, this start-up knew how to get well surrounded by asking funds to famous Chinese investors such as GSR ventures, BHG Mall, Hualian and many others. Even Dianping, its direct competitor, is aware of the potential of this start-up and invested money in.

Meituan for the best food deals: US$700 million

Meituan is now the leader in the food delivery sector. Mostly active in the biggest Chinese cities, Meituan knows a wide success since many years. We can easily recognize the company by there logo on most of deliverymen in the biggest cities streets. Among the investors we can see Sequoia Capital, General Atlantic, and the most famous for the end… Alibaba!


Dianping, to order your meal: US$850 million

Its direct competitor is of course Meituan so we were not really surprised when we heard about the news… Indeed, after all the money invested in Meituan, Dianping has directly did the same by getting some investments by many international companies such as TBP Capital, Google, and again and again the famous Sequoia Capital which invests everywhere.

Zhongan Baoxian, the online insurance surprise: US$934 million

It’s quite a surprise to see this company almost on the podium: when we think how this company started, we couldn’t have predicted that. This online insurance, which is not well-known yet, has raised a massive US $934 million from SAIF Partners, CDH Investments and Morgan Stanley. These investments have been set up to improve their services about big-data-based insurance offerings, including everything from health insurance to payment fraud insurance.

LY.com, the travel newcomer: US$967 million

This online travel site got such a big investment in 2015, from Tencent, Ctrip, CITIC Capital Holdings,and Wanda Group. This company really needed this money because the competition in China is pretty high in this sector, where its biggest rivals are the famous Ctrip and Tuniu. But we saw that Ctrip invested money in this company, then we can think that it’s a positive sign for LY.com.

Aliyun, from the giant Alibaba: US$1 billion

On the second place we finally find a company which reaches the symbolic amount of US$1 billion. This company is actually Alibaba’s cloud computing baby so it’s not such a surprise to understand how so much money could be invested in a company.

Didi Kuaidi, to ensure you’ll get a taxi: US$3 billion

Here we are! The number one and the winner is… Didi Kuaidi with an amount of US$3 billion! It was quite predictable, we all know this company, we hear about it every day, and we see its taxis everywhere. For this company, we can see that all the biggest Chinese companies have invested again: Tencent, Alibaba, Citic PE and many others… I guess Uber has to wait until next year if it wants to one-up the Chinese start-up.

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