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Top 10 tips to manipulate Baidu Results



– SEO on your own websites

The information, structure and management of a website are the key things that will influence Baiduspider’s pickup and search engine’s valuating. Therefore, to adjust the website accordingly is one of the key activities to optimize the search engine results. Below are a few effective things to work on for website SEO:


– To have a more search-engine-friendly home page:

like the living room of an apartment where you usually start your house inspection from, a carefully made home page is quite important to provide a good base for the Baiduspider to move throughout the website and pick up the information smoothly. The homepage should cover most, if not all, of the navigations to the other webpages of the website (so the ‘Spider’ can creep to anywhere it wants from here) and list these navigations in order (so the ‘Spider’ won’t get lost); it should be careful with pictures, either minimize the occupation of them on the homepage (since the ‘Spider’ cannot recognize and pick information from the pure images) or set ‘ALT’ attribute for each of the picture used (the ALT attribute is the definition for the picture which can be recognized by the ‘Spider’); it is also effective to put those Flash or JS effects after the body of HTML (it takes longer to load Flash and JS effects) of the homepage to avoid the dragging of the total page opening time; very importantly, the content of the homepage needs to be well-related to the content of the whole website, emphasizing the key topics and contents, and being updated frequently (then the website will be more often visited by the ‘Spider’).

-To have original, high-quality content:

this is the best way of building the trust and relationship with the visitors, and thus to increase the frequency of their visit, to retain their stay, and to contribute to the sales; all of these will benefit when the ‘Spider’ is picking information throughout the website. A good content will also increase the links from other websites and then increase the visits and leads.

-To keep a close eye on the Site statistics:

the Site statistics are a systematic analysis standard to measure the situation of the website SEO progress and maximize the SEO effects. By looking at them we will better understand the needs of our visitors / customers, increase the visits and optimize the search engine results. In order to well analyze the SITE statistics, we shall adjust our website accordingly, such as clean out the trash webpages or the pages that are not working, update the content regularly, etc.



– Online Branding forum undercover marketing

This marketing method works in this way: A or someone hired by A to purposely respond to the questions or topic made by A or someone hired by A and involve the brand information in the response, usually the positive ones that A wants to present. This method serves the purpose of promoting the brand (sometimes very well serves) but doesn’t make the promotion obvious as the traditional ads do. A few advantages for this marketing method: low cost, influential, word-of-mouth, etc. When it comes to the SEO field, it benefits the brand by providing Baiduspider more clues and channels to pick up the key words we want it to as well as creep from other websites to ours. On the hand, since those comments or response at the forum are usually classified as useful, it will generate more readings and obtain a higher ratings or supports and will be more likely to be picked by the ‘Spider’, bringing more leads to our website.


– Baidu Zhidao 

Baidu Zhidao is a quite beneficial tool for marketers these days. Below are a couple of points:

Be the person or find a person to answer the questions made by yourself: this is the main way to optimize the search engine results through Baidu Zhidao, you could answer or comment on the question or topic then rate it the best response. There are a few points that marketer can play with this method such as setting suitable key words in the Baidu Zhidao questions to get it easier to be searched by the users and related to our website, presenting or involving the website information in the answers for attracting Baiduspider to your website as well as getting leads directly from Baidu Zhidao.

Baidu Zhidao


– SEM with attractive lines 

SEO is part of the SEM process, it focus more on getting the website pages collected by the search engine and ranked higher on the search results. The whole SEM process includes not only the operation and results SEO cares but also the further progress: how to increase the chance for the visitors to really click into the results you want and how to convert them from visitors to the real customers. The attractive lines or, an effective description to be easier to understand, is what you could set to be present below the Baidu result title to explain and brief the website this result direct to.



An effective line of description should briefly cover the main content of the website, highlight the advantages and specialties of the website. Ideally, the lines here should be written with certain cares and skills, for example, a clear benefit that the website could provide to the visitors such as discounts, convenient services or free useful information, or an eye-catching wording such as ‘this is where 90% of males in Shanghai find their Chinese girlfriends from’ works pretty well and will generate great leads to the website.

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– Pay Baidu V 

Baidu V means the VIP websites who is authenticated. Usually the ‘V’ helps build more trust between the visitors and the website, generating more leads from the Baidu search results. Besides, websites with ‘V’ identity enjoys more privilege in using Baidu products and other operations such as: enjoying faster audit process for key words change; early trying of new Baidu products; exclusively using some value-added products like to set profile picture before the Baidu results, etc.

Generally, to achieve the V identity from Baidu benefits the website by attracting more real clicks and thus is fairly useful, especially for those new set websites.

SEO China


– Negative SEO on competitors’ websites

This word commonly states the ways of decreasing competitors search engine results through various methods. One of the commonly used negative SEO methods is to build a lot of invaluable or trash links to you website on other websites or pages, especially on those low-reputation websites such as the illegal websites or sensitive information. The other is to spitefully report competitors’ websites and spread negative information or largely copying the content of our website on other sites.

Negative SEO should never be the best option to conduct from both moral and legal dimensions, however, we should pay attention on preventing the competitors doing negative SEO on our website. There are a couple of things we could do on our own website (both offsite & onsite) to avoid the negative SEO: first, a complete safety precaution system is critical; then it is to power up our own website such as to have more transmissible information like pictures, videos on the website to build more positive external links; one the other, a consistent positive SEO maintenance with sufficient resources and activities will build a better search engine record and offset the effect from negative SEO.


– Fakes rumors on Competitors 

From my understanding, fake rumors negatively influence the competitors website e-reputation by creating harmful information on the search engine results, flooding trash offsite links, misleading the search engine directions, etc. Effectively, these rumors will decrease the search engine rating for the target website as well as damage its brand image on digital field.


FAke Rumor


– Publish press release + seo on this 

Good press release works powerfully on increasing the website rating and trust on Baidu, generates more visit and leads, and makes the search results more complete, valuable and convincing for the visitors to really click on. The effect between press release and SEO is double: a good press release provides content and advantages for an effective and efficient SEO operation, while a series of powerful SEO activities maximize the positive effect of the press release for the brand image and e-reputation.



– Control your e-reputation 

There are few effective ways to manage the e-reputation through Baidu:

  1. Utilize its products to conduct positive information, such as Baidu Zhidao, Baidu Baike, etc.;
  2. Find out those negative or potentially negative information or results about our website on Baidu and report them;
  3. Post more positive and transmittable information like good videos, useful tips, positive news, etc. and try to insert the back-links to our website when they are spreaded, for all of these it will make our website more positively exposed on the search engine results;
  4. Identify the website clearly on the search engine: for every information released or possibly to be release or picked from our website, clear notification of the brand, domain, and content origin is quite important to stand the website out from the search engine and get it notified and protected.

baidu reputation



– Put attractive Photo and do Baidu Image SEO 

Attractive photo means the image that will catch more attentions from the visitors. From the SEO angle, it attracts Baiduspider more regularly to visit our website as well brings in considerable leads. To manage this, we need to set effective key words on each of the image and name it a related picture name; for the photos onsite we could make links on it to build mutual channels for our own webpages, while for the photos offsite, we should also build smooth and effective links on them or even water-print the website information on the photo. One key point is the photo need to be originate from our website, no matter from the webpage or the articles involved, both of these will help the spread of them and link back our website.



– Pretend to be a media and publish a lot of content

The purpose of doing this includes: increasing the offsite back-links to our website, optimizing the e-reputation, generating leads, building the brand image and then converting more sales.

Generally, an increasing exposure of the website builds positive channels for the Baidu to pick and thus attract the Baiduspider more often to visit the website to collect more information. The positive effects of doing this increase by times. An important tip is to have the website key words, links or title highlights in the content everywhere.


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