We are good to see the Top 5 ads of the week


1.Coca-Cola, 128 years of sharing happiness



URL: http://marketing.blgy.org/static/coke128/index.html

This is an interactive website, describes the history of Coca-Cola. It is very interesting, but takes a long time to read, people will lose interest. Good advertising design concept.

Since 128 years, we exist to share happiness.

For 35 years, we have witnessed the Chinese epoch-making change.

Each bottle of Coca-Cola are carrying a happy story.

Grateful to have you go hand in hand.


2.Coca-Cola “bottle lyrics” Marketing

This marketing campaign is a replica of last year’s marketing campaign.

First, they provide customized products to opinion leaders. And use the star’s power and the KOL’s influence on social network to manufacture hot topic.

Second, they guide active fans to follow-up, share the bottle and lyrics. And it will affects more ordinary consumers.

bottle lyrics

The marketing campaign will be very successful, because it is very interesting that people like these lyrics. These lyrics represented their mood, their feelings, they say.

bottle lyrics2


3.Cestbon Transformers TVC: Caring forces from Cestbon

In advertising the film, Cestbon vending machines turned justice machine. To send baby care, handed Cestbon pure water. A big show of love!



4.Asus mobile advertising _Smart Delete


This is a very funny advertising. It descript a man help his friend pursue a girl. And in the life of the three people, the man help the couple lover take photos. When his friend comes back to their dorm, he shocked!

This video can be a viral video, the Video content caters to Chinese netizens, and people were shocked and surprised. They want to try this phone

5.New Balance micro film: youth will never fade, Watson and Sherlock love


New Balance launched a micro-movie about “Watson and Sherlock love” in the May 20. This movie descripts a story about “Hold hands and grow old”. And in Chinese youth May 20 means “I love you”, so the movie hits the point. This is so smart!


Thank you Gary


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