Top 5 Chinese online Ads in 2013 


What are the best online campaign in 2013 according to the scenario. Those advertising in 2013 are very good; it is worthy to be our study.


1. British Airways & Ireland Tourist Board: good pairs

British airway


Target: Increase ticket sales and attract Chinese tourists travel to Ireland

Time: 2013/5/15- 2013/6/15

Theme: One ticket, two destinations, good pairs!

Event: set a site on We push activities and promotional information of interest to the target user via keyword targeting. Attract users to participate in the “good pairs” theme activities, or to the official website to complete the booking.

Effect: in four weeks

140,000 traffic

More than 4000 Users involvement activities

British Airways ticket sales to improve 72%, ROI = 3.92

Ireland get over 1100 user’s contact information

Click here to see the video and here to see the event page


2. Lenovo: World Warcraft concert cross-border Promotion

wow adversting china


Target: Lenovo hopes to highlight the product powerful performance and stunning video experience, strengthen Games fingerprints, etc., to get Chinese gamers widely recognized, the association set up in the shortest time series Terminator B5-one desktop game leading the field in China.

Time: 2012


1. Exclusive Interests: NetEase invited “World of Warcraft Concert” moved to China

2. Preheat campaign: Forum posting, event hype, creating a hot topic, causing users to interact attention

3. The climax of the outbreak: concert atmosphere climax, the brand embodies a high degree of interest.

4. Subsequent extension: NetEase build online topics were reviewed for concerts, attracting fans to interact comments triggered secondary transmission.

5. Event: NetEase  major media joint promotion, focusing the user point of view, helping activity continued to heat up

Effect: Lenovo obtained the image of an exclusive license of Warcraft by event. Terminator B series to be deeply embedded activities. Lenovo brand high frequency exposure, through the cross-border organized concerts and earn the attention of millions of players!


Event affecting 3.5million players

210,000 players enthusiastic participation

The Baidu search index soared to 4.2 million a week

Sina Weibo reached 220 thousand related topics

Click here to see the event page


3. INOHERB(相宜本草): Dancing in my life


cosmetics China

Target:  use the influence of “Dancing in my life” and maximize INOHERB’s brand communication

Event: By building an interactive site, while integrating the use of EPR, CRM, O2O diversified media resources for drainage, convened users to upload works, participate in the network version of “Dancing in my life.” Apply roadshow performances cities online.

Effect: Project affected people approximately 138 million people, 7.2 million people participate in interactive, of which 120,105 people are KOL.

Mini site Total Access PV: 15,275,754 passengers, Total Access UV: 10,073,394 passengers

Video: Total views 20,535,696 times, Comments 6300 times

Network media follow-up report: activities triggered 405 online media reports, which recommended the media 41 times in the home page.

4. Biotherm Men: Live Like A Man


Target: expand Men’ product awareness, enhance brand image, to stimulate the user to purchase, promote EC sales

Time: 2012.9 -2012.10


Mini site: as a guide, establish mechanisms for interaction

WAPSITE: Use of fragmented time transfer positive energy

APP: Original Encyclopedia men, teach you how to stylish

AD: Precise delivery and inducted into the active page

BBS forum: Fashion hot posts spread


In 30 days mini site and mobile site visits were brought 803,192 times, with an average residence time of about one minute, 63.34% bounce rate, enrollment of 100,103 people, a total of 6,548 microblogging spontaneous sharing.

APP is 5,1280 times total downloads

Click here to see the video

5. MariedalgarColor amusement park

color full China

TargetPromotion Mariedalgar “Color amusement park” creative video; raise brand awareness.

Event: the video deliver on Youku / Mariedalgar official weibo / official wechat

From July 1 we started doing warm-up on the weibo, July 8 official nationwide starting, starting channels: weibo/wechat/ Youku. To allow better dissemination of results of video, we extract from the model the spread of some flat scene graph as graphic material, and with a quiz, increased interaction with consumers.



weibo: forwarded 15,222 times, comment 7122 times;

Wechat: 126 people participated in the video quiz, receiving interactive information over 1000 times;

YOUKU: outside the station show 3670, comments 264; total Views 1751 times.


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