Over the last years, the number of luxury hotels is rapidly growing in China.

Increasingly more, Chinese travelers prefer high-end hotels during their trips.

In China, the demand of luxury hotels is growing. In 2014, the online interest of Chinese consumers in high-end hotels increased up to 39% in comparison with last year. The reason of this growing interest resides in that many luxury hotel brands are opening hotels in second, third and fourth-tier cities and because of the rising disposable incomes of Chinese hotel consumers.

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Marriot hotel brand:

Marriot is an American chain founded by J. Willard Marriott in the 1950s which has presence in more than 80 countries around the world. Over the last years, the popularity of the Marriott hotel brand has grown across China, being one of the most important hotel chains in China.

Marriot is planning an ambitious expansion in China. Nowadays, the luxury brand has presence in 16 cities of 13 provinces, however, in 2017 its presence will increase up to 59 cities in 27 different provinces.

weibo marriot

The Marriot Hotel chain has launched a campaign called “Members Get More” together with DaoDao, the official Chinese website of TripAdvisor. This partnership allows tourists to use new and innovative search capabilities through WeChat providing information related to travel in order to enhance Chinese tourists’ travelling experience.

In addition, the hotel brand has opened a Weibo account called “Marriott Rewards” in order to engage Chinese consumers and drive new membership. Through this campaign, Weibo users have the chance to win special offers.

Sheraton hotels:

In 1998, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. purchased the Sheraton hotel chain. The Sheraton hotel brand was founded in 1937 when Ernest Henderson and Robert Moore acquired the Stonehaven Hotel in Springfield, Massachusetts. The chain’s name comes from another hotel that the founders had acquired and which had a large lighted sign “Sheraton Hotel” that was too expensive to change. That’s the reason why they decided to call all their hotels “Sheraton”.


The Sheraton hotel chain has a great presence on Chinese social media platforms such as WeChat. The hotel brand has launched many campaigns via WeChat.

For instance, in order to celebrate its 7th anniversary, Sheraton Hotels Shenzhen developed a campaign called “One Wish per Person per Day” and its fans had to say what they wished to enjoy at the hotel. During one week, the hotel chose one winner every day to make their wish come true.

Hyatt hotel chain:

Hyatt Hotels is an American hotel chain founded in 1957. The hotel group has many brands such as Park Hyatt, Andaz Hotels, Grand Hyatt and Hyatt Regency.


Hyatt hotel chain has developed a strong presence on Chinese social media networks such as WeChat. During the World cup, Hyatt Regency Hangzhou hotel invited soccer fans to go and watch matches as its Bellevue bar and join the prediction contests that the brand launched on WeChat. In addition, the hotel brand also allowed participant to submit their finalists’ predictions via Weibo for a chance to win a game-watching night with unlimited beer at Bellevue.

Shangri-La hotels and resorts chain:

The Shangri-La hotels and resorts is a luxury hotel chain based in Hong Kong. The five-star hotel chain has more than 80 hotels and resorts across Asia Pacific, the Middle East, North America, Oceania and Europe.

The brand name comes from the fictional place Shangri-La, described in the 1933 novel Lost Horizon by British author James Hilton. Shangri-La’s owners believe that the name Shangri-La encapsulates the serenity and service for which the hotel brand is renowned worldwide.

Nowadays, Shangri-La hotel is Asia Pacific’s leading luxury hotel group. The first hotel of the brand was the Shangri-La Hotel Singapore, opened in 1971.

These days, Shangri-La has become the world’s fastest growing luxury hotel chain due to new projects in Mainland China, Ghana, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Mongolia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Qatar, Sri Lanka and United Kingdom.

Shangri-La hotel chain has launched an account on WeChat in order to engage guests in Asia. Through WeChat, users have the possibility to make accommodation and dining reservations, receive special offers and check their reservation status.


In addition, Shangri-La has the largest following on its Sina Weibo and Youku accounts of any hotel brand.

Shangri-La is China’s most popular hotel brand. The majority of searches for Shangri La Hotels comes from China, with 49% of the searches originating in the Asian giant.

Hilton Hotels & Resorts:

Hilton Hotels & Resorts is an international hotel chain founded by Conrad Hilton with more than 95-year history. Hilton owns different hotel brands such as the Waldorf Astoria, Conrad, Hilton, DoubleTree by Hilton and Hilton Garden Inn brands.

Hilton has more than 50 properties in China and plans to add over 150 hotels more in the coming years.

Over the last years, Hilton has expanded significantly in China due to its popularity. In 2007 the hotel chain only had 6 hotels across China and this number increased up to 46 in June of 2014.


Hilton hotel chain is aware of the social media power in China and therefore has included social networks into its marketing campaign. Through Weibo, the brand informs its followers about the latest events and openings and also receive feedbacks of the experience of its consumers during their accommodation in Hilton hotels.

In addition the brand has created several campaigns on Weibo. For instance, during the Chinese New Year, Hilton asked its Weibo users to send a post listing their favorite Chinese New Year dishes for the chance to win prizes.

As we see, online communication plays an important role to increase the presence and sales of business in China.

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