Small and medium businesses like social media marketing because it’s efficient and low cost, it helps to target customers and interact with them. Then, bigger companies begin to try to involve social medias in their strategies to get decent results.


Here are five most-recognized strategies of Social Media Marketing

Create interaction activities

If you involve someone in an activity, he will remember it more easily, so it’s a very efficient way of branding. You can for exemple invite them for games, comments leaving or luck draws. And if people like the activity, they will talk about it to their friends on social medias and maybe create a buzz. One exemple of notorious activity is Auby Baby Toy.


This game became very successful but one one of the most notorious is Auby’s H5 : you knock and egg to try to win a prize and if you loose you can share the H5 on a moment and try to gain another chance of hitting. The concept seems very simple, but is very strategic and help to simply create a buzz on social medias.


Build relationship with customers

The first goal of social medias in business and marketing stratgies is to get people belonging to your brand, and this attachement comes easily. People like when a brand contact them directly, answers quiclu, give a good service and support following up and feedback implementing.


We can take the example of XiaoMi, a brand that really took benefits from building relationship with customers. The strategy is simple, they start with community management with potential customers to try to attract them, and get requests and involvement. Some of these potential customers turn into customers and these clients are automatically connected with other clients to give their opinion about the products, and all that helps to enlarge the community and the e-reputation. This stratgy allows comapnies to attract and create an attachement to their brands. XiaoMi has understand that and enroled a big group of community management executives to respond to cleints and potential customers.



Create the buzz

The web is a very large plateform of interaction and sharing information, and with social medias, this connection became more and more efficient, and a buzz can quickly create powerful effects. You just have to use it well, to involve it to your brand avertisement and your e-reputation will increase and the marketing benefits will be huge.


Rebecca is a good example of good buzz with benefits. The brand has ussed a picture of a couple : Fan Bingbing and Li Chen who have officialized their relationship to the public through this photo.

fan bingbing

Netizens appreciated this happy couple, this sweet relathionship and people began to talk about it on social medias. Of course the couple is wearing Rebecca’s clothes and if people like the couple they also like what they wear. The buzz is as simple as that.


Attractive marketing “Package”

Social medias are effective, but companies have to innovate to be more and more successful, sot hey must build more intersting marketing materials.


Here are two effective examples of attractive marketing forms :

Victoria Secret used the mobile touch screen to release a event from their official WeChat account for Valentine’s Day : you choose a blurred photo and when you rub the screen with your finger, you will see a sexy girl and a model and you can get the brand she is wearing and promotion packs.


Burberry’s campaign on WeChat is ont of the most notrious. The campaign’s name is « from London to Shanghai ». Tehe concept is simple, people shake their phones and will be directly brought into London’s foggy morning. You could rub out the fog in the screen, then the London river in the image and rippling it, then you will be brought on a journet yo the destiny Shanghai.


Release new product to public

Weibo is one of the most popular Social medias in Chian with almost 200 million users. So, it’s also a very powerful marketing strategy to use it to attract the public, make him follow your brand and try to create an attachement. When a product is released on Weibo, it generally generates good sales.


Here are two exemples :

Baidu released the « magic lamp searching » on a Baidu Mobile. It showed that with the required accessories, the latest Baidu Mobile could present the search results by a Holographic Laser Projection in front of the users. The video of this news has been showed on the major video websites and diffused via social medias considerably in a very short time. Even till now, media has still been following the progress of this project and creating lots of buzz about it.


Wechat Advertisment campaign

WeChat starts to push feed advertisement on Moment. Three brands’ advertisements have been selected – BMW, Vivo (the Chinese mobile phone brand) and Coke. The interesting part and also the biggest reason of the success for this launch is that each receiver has only received one among these three different advertisements – based on WeChat intelligent analysis of each person’s WeChat using style and history: this has made a very interesting result, everyone was showing on that day the ads that WeChat has chosen to send to them, making it a such comparable instance to make fun of each other. The most popular sentence during that time was: the longest distance between us is ‘WeChat has chosen BWM for you but Coke Cola for me’. more information here

wechat BMW

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