Chinese consumers are more and more interested in purchasing products made in Spain.

China is already the world’s third largest export market for Spanish food and beverages.

For the last few years, the Chinese society has changed due to the economic growth, urban development and the increase of middle and upper class. That development has resulted in significant changes into the Chinese food industry because Chinese population is more and more interested in Western products and therefore in Spanish products.

Sales of Spanish food and beverages In China have grown by 124%  Y.O.Y. Contributing to 602 million euros in 2013, compared to 532 million in 2012 and 97 million in 2008.



In 2013, the most demanded Spanish products were meat (131 million euros), followed by olive oil (91 million euros), Spanish wines (89 million euros) and frozen seafood and fish (59 million euros)

Besides, there are other products which are not the usual star products and whose prestige is increasing. Beer, honey, canned fish and vegetables, juice or infant milk are products relatively new into the Chinese market and are expected to have a high demand very quickly

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Spain is the third biggest wine exporter to China. In recent years the wines consumption has increased among Chinese customers. Spanish wines have a reputation and relevance, which is reflected in sales volume.

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In 2013, bottled wine sales increased up to 12.33 percent. China has imported 29.7 million liters of Spanish wine in 2013, that means 11.4 percent more than in 2012.

Chinese consumers are searching for wines other than from France because Spanish wines are more affordable than their French counterparts. Furthermore, customers, now know more  about wines from other countries. 

Olive oil:

Spanish olive oil is also increasingly popular among Chinese consumers. China has imported 18,666 tons of Spanish “liquid gold” in the first nine months of 2013, with a market share of 61.85%.


Olive oil is another star product. The Chinese consumers see the Spanish olive oil like a healthy food due to its high content of unsaturated fats and natural antioxidants. China is already the sixth biggest importer of olive oil in the world with a demand that increased by 8000 % within the  last 10 years.


Spain’s food exports are increasing, and one of the most attractive products for Chinese consumers is Iberian ham, particularly the bellota variety due to its high quality.


The ham is one of the most typical products of Spain, which is a product in high demand by a large percentage of the Chinese population with purchasing power and therefore it is considered gourmet product.


Due to the rising cost of pork in China and the Russian embargo, Spain is making the most of pork exports to Asia. In the first seven months of 2014, Spain has exported 902,000 tons of pork while in 2013 exported 795.000 tons that means an increase of 13.5 percent.

Pork, offal and bacon are the most products demanded by China and Spain is the major exporter of pork to the Asian giant.


Fashion and accessories:

Spanish textiles and footwear have a good recognition in China thanks to brands like Zara and Mango. In addition, demand for Spanish leather goods is increasing as well as some niche categories like polo and riding boots.


The most popular products in China have been wine, ham, olive oil, pork meat and fashion, which means that Spanish food sector has an extraordinary potential in the Asian giant through to the wide range of products with designation of Spanish origin.