WeChat, the Chinese most popular chatting APP, become more and more famous and gain more attention from the marketing industry in China. It is more than a chatting APP, consider its various functions. Within the function like WeChat pay, it becomes the must-have APP for daily life in China. According to the data provide by Tencent Q3 2016 Financial Report, the number of monthly active users is around 846 million, which included both Chinese and overseas version WeChat. The increased percentage compare to last year is 30%. Based on this numbers, it is easier to understand why the marketing industry in China have paid more and more attention to the WeChat platform instead of others.

Wechat features

The thing you need to note that there is a slight difference between the Chinese version and overseas version WeChat. The Chinese version has more functions in compare to the overseas version. Therefore, the Chinese version WeChat is the one you actually use for marketing in China.

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Social Functions

As any other chatting social platform, like WhatsApp and LINE, WeChat was focused on developing its chatting functions at the beginning. However, to go further down, WeChat has explored more functions beyond chatting. Understanding these functions could help you deeply know- how about marketing on WeChat.

  1. Chat/Group Chat

Just like any other Chatting APP, you can add your friends on WeChat, also create a chatting group with your friends. And the chat history will be shown on your chatting list. The official account that you followed will be shown on the list as well. Except for the normal text, you could send images, voice messages and emojis. Voice and video calls could be launch on WeChat as well. In the chatting box, you even could transfer money or send “red packet” to your friends.

The group chat is the point that marketers need to catch up with. This is efficient to help you interact with some specific loyal or active customers. You just need to add them to the same chat group and promote your activities, like new products and discount, regularly. You also could answer their questions directly and quickly. Through this function, you could build up a tight relationship with your customers or potential customers.

  1. WeChat Moments

When the Moments just came out, it already generates most users heart. People can post their daily life, opinions and pictures through the moments, and they could choose who could see what they have posted. The people are allowed by posters to see their moments could comment and like under the posts, but they could not see the comments and likes from other people who are not friended with them on WeChat. In this function, people also could share short videos and external links.

It is sure that moments is the most popular function on WeChat. Doing advertise in moments is allowed and it is useful. Some individual users like to use their moments to sell different goods as well. For example, “代购”. In English, “代购” is similar to buyers. Due to the tax in China, many import goods are more expensive than in other countries. Therefore, many people start to engage the independent business in buying goods out of China for the people who need inside China and deliver to them. The WeChat moments help them show the products to their customers more convenient and detailed.

  1. Official Account

According to the report mentioned before, there were over 10 million WeChat official account already until February of 2016, and around 650, 000 of them are under the companies and brands. In the research did by Chinese Academy of Information and Communication Technology (CAICT), the industries of media, entertainment and cultured counted the big percentage of these official accounts, which is 27.8%. The service and IT industries are counted at 20.6% and 17.2% respectively.  

Subscription Account and Service Account are the most used types of official accounts for WeChat marketing projects. The difference between is slight. So the choice of which type of official accounts depends on what you want and what kind of result you want. It is needed to note that all the verified WeChat accounts can access to the functions that can be used for business purposes. Below are the points that you can do with your official accounts.

3.1 Content

Content is quite important for an official account. It could help you attract more followers through sharing by your existing followers. The precondition is your content needs to be valuable, useful or interesting enough for your followers to share them with their friends and in moments. For sure, the content needs to related to your business. For example, the discount and open for new products.

3.2 Customer service

This function could help you set up auto-reply when your followers send messages to your official account. The Social media account normally is seen as different customer service by clients. The auto-reply could promise customers that have satisfied experience with brands. It is useful for the interaction between you and your followers.

3.3 Campaign

Campaign is efficient for official account to promote their own account. To encourage their followers share their contents, they can setup rewards for the people who share their articles with proven., like screenshot. more information

3.4 KOL & H5

Promotion with KOLs is not rare nowadays in the digital marketing area. On WeChat, marketers also could work with WeChat KOLs to increase the followers of official account and awareness of brands. H5 could be an efficient way to help brands or products generate the personal information of potential customers.

It needs to be noted that all the promotion and campaigns need to under WeChat campaign and promotion regulation. Otherwise, your official account could be banned by WeChat.

  1. WeChat Shake

In the beginning, this function was used just for users to find the people nearly or meet new friends who shake the phone at the same time as you. But now, it can be used to shake for rewards, which is useful for your marketing program that attracts more followers.


there is an efficient way for you to generate potential and target customers, which is WeChat ads. There are two types of ads are most used, which are moments ads and account ads.

  1. Moment Ads

If you use WeChat moment, you might have seen some posts from the people you never follow before with a tag, which is “promotion” or “sponsored”. That is moment ads. And it means depends on the big data, you might be the target customer for the promoter.

  1. Account Ads

Another ads are the one at the end of the articles published by official account. It is well-known that some official accounts always have many views of their posts, which make sure the ads will be seen by people. You can encourage users or readers to follow your account with the QR code, ask readers to download your APP, promote the campaign pages or send a coupon.


  1. Red Packets

“Red packets” is tradition for Chinese new year. But it become the normal interact and cheer-up active between friends, as well as marketing. It also made the largest contribution for the population of WeChat Pay. The limitation of a red packet is 200 RMB. And the transition is efficient and quick.

  1. WeChat Store VS. Wei-Store

To engage in e-commerce, WeChat also developed their own e-commerce platform, which is WeChat Store and Wei-Store. WeChat Store is the function inside WeChat, manage through WeChat. Wei-Store is a separate APP, it could be connected to your WeChat account and WeChat Pay, but you need official documents to apply for that. For example, individuals need Chinese ID and bank account and companies need Chinese Business Registration and a corporate bank account.

  1. Life Services

The most powerful function for WeChat Pay to keep their customers is the life services. They work with the third-party platform to provide various service on WeChat. For example, hotel booking, ticket booking, electronic and water fee and so on. WeChat Pay is in filling the daily life of Chinese.

In China, WeChat is much more than a popular social network for Chinese people. The thoughtful functions make people’s daily life more convenient. It also helps marketers to develop more channels to do marketing. However, it is not the end of development of WeChat. They still keep on explore the new functions on WeChat.

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