Top Buzz in China in 2013


2013 seems to be a busy year. There are so many things happened in the past 11 months in China which is difficult to forget. Now let’s take a look at those topics having aroused huge impact on web in China:

1. 8:20

Actor “Peter Ho” is not so famous for his stupidity until he forgets to delete “post this on the weibo around 8:20”, a message that CCTV left him. The story started from an CCTV program which report major the consumer rights violation cases and to increase the influence of the program, CCTV asks many influential people to talk about that and send them message including the content and posting time. But this time CCTV made a mistake to ask Peter Ho for this favor which become a big joke online for a long time, perhaps it will accompany with him for all his career life. (see How to control your online reputation in China)

The post from Peter Ho

The post from Peter Ho

2. WeCharg “Wechat Charging”

From the end of February, WeChat has occupied the front page on most media for almost 2 months! The rumors or news that WeChat may charge users have been discussed by everybody everywhere. It did cause a panic among over 600 million WeChat users! It shows the fact that WeChat is the most influential platform in China!(see China Social media promotion)

wechat charge

3.Hainan Randevous

In March this year, a luxury exhibition, Hainan Randevous was rumored as an orgy party as post as following:

“It’s said that there’s a high-class prostitue made 600,000 RMB there in only three days, and there have been 2100 condoms found in the last party…”

No matter if it’s true, the image of Hainan Rendevious in massive common people’s eyes has been pictured as a orgy for rich people, even if some people have tired to prove it’s not true with evidence. Personally, I believe it’s just a “masterpiece” of some buzzmakers, or rumor spreaders, perhaps for somebody appearing on the pictures. Even now, Hainan Randevous is still widely regarded as a symbol of orgy party in China.


4. Maldives’ Ressorts do not give hot Water to Chinese

A luxury resort from Maldives who suffered a lot from the rumor that its manager discriminated Chinese and didn’t offer water boiler to Chinese customers. Although it has been proven as a rumor later, the damage on its reputation was done, hundreds of newspaper, media and celebrities mentioned it together in less than 3 days  and millions of netizens simply trust what rumor said.

Most of Ressorts do not give water boiler to avoid that Chinese cook by themself “Crabs and fish” that they find.

Nowadays most of Chinese traveller’s Population reconize that most of Chinese travellers are not civilized and need to improve themself to have better behavior when they travel abroad.



Maldives China

5. Liujishou

“留几手” Liu Jishou is a Chinese internet personality who gained attention on China’s leading microblogging service Sina Weibo in late 2012 for his scathing but witty “ratings/reviews” of netizens who direct his attention to photos of themselves or others. As of this translation, Liu Jishou had 5.21 million followers. (source)

It reflects the mentality of the Chinese Diaosi today: jealous. While the next topic further proves that.

留几手's weibo icon

留几手’s weibo icon

6. The Top new word of the year “Tuhao”

The uncouth rich “土豪” (tuhao)
A new term, tuhao, has become very popular on the Internet. The first character, tu, means uncouth and the second, hao, referes to bold or bullying. The combination tuhao was originally used to mean “local lords”. But now it is being used as a term to mock China’s nouveaux riches.(source)

While the most popular usage of “土豪” is “土豪,我们做朋友吧”(Tuhao, let’s be friends!). That’s the funny point, in one way, Diaosi(loser) netizens  are 7/24 ready to insult anybody who is living better, but in the other way, they are 7/24/365 ready to get themselves connected with them.

face consumption

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