International brands such as Michael Kors, Montblanc and Tommy Hilfiger have launched successful campaigns via social media networks in China.

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Through social media campaign, companies are able to build their popularity and increase their brand awareness.

The Chinese internet demography currently stands at 618 million users and 91% of them have a social media account.

In China around 500 million people use mobile devices to access to internet and to their social media accounts where spend an average of 46 minutes per day.


Over the last years, increasingly more brands have launched campaigns through the most popular social media platforms in China in order to increase their brand presence and engage consumers.

There are many successful examples how some companies have interacted with their Chinese followers via social media campaigns.

Michael Kors:

Michael Kors is a luxury brand of handbags, watches, jewelry, shoes, women’s and men’s clothing and more. The American brand has launched a successful campaign on WeChat related to the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. The brand followers had the opportunity to watch the fashion show Livestream and have access to content related to the show.

In addition, users had the chance to upload their picture or write their name with the aim to create their own customized New York skyline. Once the picture has been created, followers could shake their smartphone or swipe the screen to see their skyline from different angles.
As well, Michael Kors allows consumers to add the event date and time to their Outlook, Google, Yahoo, Hotmail or iCal calendar through the a RSVP button.


Jaeger-LeCoultre is a Swiss luxury watchmaker which created a knowledge contest on Wechat about its watch model Hybris Mechanica Eleven. If all questions had been answered correctly by followers they could compete in the second round. The awards for the winners were a trip to Hong Kong, watch cases, iPad Airs, and flash drives.



BMW, the cars maker launched a contest called “A Car with Stories” for its Weibo followers. The participants had to write a post including pictures about their “BMW stores” or create a video with the stories and share it on Youko. Followers had the opportunity to win BMW bumper stickers or a trip overseas.



The prestigious luxury brand Montblanc developed a game for its WeChat followers which allows them to play directly in WeChat. This campaign was launched in order to celebrate 90 years of its Meisterstück (German for “masterpiece”) flagship line of pens, which is known China as Daban.

Daban is the name of the game and means “big boss” in English and reflects Montblanc’s ideal customer, a person who behaves the brand’s values of elegance, sophistication and leadership. To participate in the game, participants had to upload photos of them being The Big Boss” and show that their behaviors are in line with the brand’s values of elegance, sophistication and leadership. Montblanc’s WeChat followers had to vote the pictures and decide if they possessed what it takes to be a “big boss.”

Tommy Hilfiger:

During the Chinese New Year, Tommy Hilfiger, an American fashion brand launched a campaign that enabled participants to send New Year’s wishes to their friends through Sina Weibo platform. The campaign called “Theme Color of the Chinese New Year” was focused on the color red which means good luck and fortune. The participants had the chance to win a red-colored gift from the brand.



Oreo created a social campaign on WeChat targeted at parents who work many hours and are worried about the lack of communication between their children and themselves. The Emoji Bonding campaign allowed participants to take pictures and paste the heads into Emojis and share it. Participants had a vast number of pictures to choose, even pictures of well-known stars and celebrities.


In China, social media platforms have become powerful communication tools. Through social media campaigns, brands have the chance to interact directly with their followers, reach a vast number of potential customers, offer a personalized service and understand the interests of Chinese consumers.

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