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Ecommerce in China

E-commerce is booming in China the market estimated to exceed 5000 billion RMB in 2015.

With 145 million e-consummers the annual increase of 30 million new users, Chinese E-commerce is taking more and more importance in the global market.

What are the key factors of success for E-Commerce business in China ? Read e-Commerce in China




Cosmetics in China

The cosmetics market in China is growing at an astonishing speed every year and  hundreds of foreign brands are now distributed in this big country.

For many years, Chinese market has been keeping a growth around 15% annually. Read more on Cosmetics in China



Distribution in Chinese Cosmetics‘ market

The brand of cosmetics products can’t get a global strategy in China , to answer the needs of Chinese consumers.  A big challenge : brands have to think globally but to act locally!

It is a big gap between Asia and Occident, the huge cultural differences which change the promotion, and the beauty product pay for that, because in China, the standards of beauty are different. Western brands have usually unique beauty products BUT they have to adapt to the specificities of different target like the Middle Empire or Asia. more information on our previous article : Cosmetic in China


Lancome in China

Lancome is The world’s leading brand of luxury of cosmetics,

Already present in 40 Chinese cities and 18,000 retailers. Lancome is today the leader of the market from the L’Oréal group that dominates the beauty business.

How can Lancôme win the favor from women in China and become that much appreciated? more information on Lancome in China


Diageo in China

A Case study of the digital implantation of Diageo in China. The British alcohol company Diageo is currently voted as the leader in term of digital communication in China. Their ranges of brands have clear positioning, and suceed in building community around their products.

The group will invest more than € 1.23 billion in production capacity over the next years to satisfy growing demand of this huge market.

Read the article of Diageo in China



China Tourism Market

In 2012, over 80 million Chinese people travel overseas , and the country becomes the 3rd in terms of the contribution to international tourism market. for your information, Chinese outbound tourists are good customers , and have spent about 91 billion USD in 201. The huge cake has already caught the eyes of brands and countries in this field. more information on Chinese tourism Market

Thailand tourism promotion

Thailand tourism promotion Post


Cheese market in China

In 2011 China imported 30,000 tones of cheese (source: National Interprofessional Centre of the Dairy Economy ” CNIEL “, report on the dairy market 2012) but most of the Chinese consumers do not really like cheese, or the common cheese westerners  see and eat everyday. We can think that hate that because it smells and it is very gard to find hard cheeses. more information on Cheese in China


China Internet Marketing

In 2012, the Chinese netizen population has exceeded 564 million.

  • 420 million of them are using mobile surfing online;
  • 309 million of them are checking micro-blogging;
  • 242 million of them go shopping online;

More information about China Internet Marketing




Baidu Adversting

How to advertise on Baidu? There are many types of advertising on the most popular search engine in China…

  1. baidu brand powerlink,
  2. baidu search advertising
  3. and baidu union advertising.

When you start your Baidu Pay Per Click , it is important to understand how works Baidu advertising.

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