The new Disneyland in Shanghai will not open before June 16th, but we’ve got a huge news for Disneyland nerds…

First tickets for Disneyland Shanghai’s opening will be sold on March, 28th

Most wanted Disneyland park

Shanghai’s most wanted Disneyland park will open its ticketing by the end of March. The sales should be incredible because of the tourism sector, which is booming at the moment.

Disneyland Shanghai should finaly open up by the end of June, five years after the beggining of it all. source

Tickets will be sold from March 28th at a price of 499 yuans. This is the price for the opening day. Many attractions of the Disneyland Shanghai have been done following chinese themes.

The tickets for Disneyland Shanghai will be available from March, 28th. more reading

Shanghai Disney


Guo Weicheng, CEO, Disneyland Shanghai

« I think that chinese tourism industry has been evolving in a good way these last years. The opening period goes along with the chinese tourism market tendancy. We have also pinpointed that theme parks’ market is increasing quickly. We are very glad to contribute to this growth within the chinese tourism industry ».

The total investment in Disneyland was 5.5 billions of dollars. And it was just the beginning of the chinese touristic sector. At the moment, China owns 14 theme parks. This number should reach 60 theme parks by 2020, with a total investment of 24 billions of dollars.

Dai Bin, Director of Chinese Touristic Academy

« For instance, the construction of Universal Studios will start in Beijing. Also, the Safari Park Chimelong in Guangzhou.. All this attracts billions of investments ».

All these investments come together during a tendency of expansion of touristic industry in China. Figures show that last year, the total turnover of tourism in China has overtaken 4 000 billions yuans. And this stands for over 10% of the Middle Kingdom’s economy !


Disney gets some of the coolest rides in Shanghai

Source ; CTA
This opening will be huge: This will be the first Disney park in mainland China.

Things should go wild: The park undoubtly be very busy, there will be many new cool rides and it will allow Disney to make lots of money!

Here is a Shanghai Disneyland card with the new land. You can see that it includes “Mickey Avenue ‘: it is a space knowledge in the American version of Disneyland in California, Main Street USA.

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