Chinese people tend to spend more on traveling. The demand of China outbound tourism grows continuously.

A growing Chinese middle class has become a lucrative US tourism market. Last year, nearly three million Chinese tourists visited the US with an estimated average of US $ 6,700 per person per trip. According to the US Travel Association, in which boosts the average spending of overseas tourists by more than 50 percent.

Tourism is one of the few industries in which the US has a significant advantage over China. In 2018, Chinese tourists traveling to the US spent $ 30 billion more than American tourists visiting China.

It is expected that the number of China outbound trips will reach over 200 million with the total tourism expenditure of about CNY 1.2727 trillion by 2022.


How to run a travel agency in China?


Chinese residents born after 1990 are raising international travel, with a preference for local experiences, independent accommodations, and long-haul destinations. Nowadays Chinese travelers would like to travel farther from home.

When asked about travel plans for the next 12 months, 60% of respondents say they intend to travel to a country they haven’t visited. Grouped regionally, Europe tops the list of desired destinations in the coming year, followed by North America and Oceania, primarily Australia.

According to this survey, western tourist agencies have a big chance to gain a lot of tourists to carry them over the world. Nevertheless, it is necessary to make a good plan for your travel startup business in China.

It is important for effectual outbound tourism with activities involving nationals and foreigners willing to travel outside China to follow these steps to build your growth plan towards the Chinese audience.


1. Define your group of audience
2. Make your product to fit your audience
3. Place your brand to the right marketing platforms
4. Get designed your content
5. Make sure you understand the Chinese travel market and select partners carefully



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Your team should have a good understanding of the Chinese market – it is necessary in order to manage effectively your activities in the travel industry

To win in China, you have to move fast and be result-oriented. When a problem arises, many people will spend a good amount of time trying to understand what happened; what step in the process was missed, why didn’t the process work, where was the error?

But result-oriented people, cut to the chase, they do not waste time looking at the past but instead look forward; how do we fix this now?

Partner with result-oriented agencies who will assist you navigate through this market and save you so much time in “trial and error”!
Team members of GMA hope that these basic principles can help you to get started in generating more outbound tourism from China for your travel business. We have developed tourism startup packages, to help the entrepreneur to start their tourist industry and get their first sales, leads or feedback. Because the mains question still remains how to attract Chinese tourists?

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