I think trust is one of the most important criteria in China when it’s question of purchase.

Due to all the scandals and the huge industry of fake, you have a decline of trust to brands in China.

Trust is becoming an important way. You need to show consumers can trust you. You need to be transparent. I will explain you all you have to know about trust in commerce in China.



Guanxi is based on Trust

The most important things in China when you do business. You need to understand this term. Guanxi has not really a definition in english. Guanxi is more a concept.

It’s means that you need to understand your customers to do business with them. Guanxi is a bit like networking. In fact Guanxi is a question of understanding each other to build a good commercial relationship and of course to be more efficient.

And Guanxi is refered to trust.




Trust in business is very important. I will give you some tips to be improve your Guanxi to develop your business in China.

B2B & B2C are not exactly the same. We will divided that in two parts : B2B & B2C.



In China, Business relationships are very different the in Western countries. Chinese people will not trust you simply because of you status or position.


The relationships in China are very importants. It can be very long to build a good relationship with chinese people but don’t give up. They just need time to trust you.



Your knowledges in China are very importants. They show that you know your subject and give you a more honourable position in the relationship. In China, knowledges means that people can trust you. That’s why a lot of chinese people show their academicals credentials in their email signatures.


Education and knowledges are very powerful in China that’s why you can’t seduce a business man just with a good speech, you need to know your subject.



In China, as in a lot of countries in the world, work experiences are importants. Like  knowledges, it give you a strong position and of course people are more able to trust you

This criteria is not specific to China, in lot of culture and country it’s the same.

In a commercial relationship, the business man in front of you will be more able to trust you if he know that you have already a lot of experience in the field.



To gain sympathy in China, it’s not necessary to search far away, be authentic.

It’s the key in China to increase the trust people can feel toward you.

Chinese business men can be welcoming and warm with you but it’s a sign of politeness not a sign of sympathy or trust.

It can take a lot of time to be really appreciate by your chinese partners.

Sympathy is also important because it allow you to create a relationship with your peers. In China, contrary to lot of countries it’s not poorly looked to create a personal relationship with partners or collegues in and out of the business venture.


It’s in fact a good thing because it allow you to create a good relationship and to exchange easier information. Besides, the two parties will be less suspicious and more confident.



Now I will explain you more about the trust in the seller/consumer relationship.

Gain the trust of your consumers in China is one of the most difficult things. They no longer trust brands so you will need to work very hard to gain their trust.

Here some tips for you to understand what chinese consumers expect for brands.



To create a relationship with your consumers, you need to communicate with them. The best place to communicate with your consumers are the social media platforms.

You need to use their communication channels to be effective.

Chinese consumers are the most connected people in the world. If you have not an online presence they will never know you.

Lot of social media apps can help you to create a trustful relationship. Wechat and Weibo are the most used apps. When you create your brand account they verify all your information. The process to build your own Offical Account is a bit long but after that consumers will be sure that you are the real brand and not a impostor. It’s one of the reason why consumers like this apps. They are sure of the brands accounts.


Make sure that consumers are able to find all the information they could need on your account. Because chinese consumers want to be sure of their purchases and for that they do a lot of researchs. Information means trust in China. Be transparant and you will be love by consumers.



Baidu is the chinese Google. All the researchs done on internet are on Baidu.

You need to have a mandarin website and be hosted in China to be visible on Baidu. It’s exactly like on Google. The search engine works with key words. And of course, your consumers will enter chinese key words that’s why you need to speak the same language.


Be visible by Baidu is one of the most important criteria in China because chinese people trust the search engine.

In China, recommandations are crucial. If nobody know you, nobody will buy your products. Whereas if you have a good ranking on Baidu, consumers will more trust you. Because of the lack of trust, consumers do a lot of researchs to be sure of the brands. They also ask recommandations to their friends or family. Social media are also useful for that because consumers follows KOLs accounts because KOLs give advice on brands.


Encourage your consummers to do recommandations or rating you. If you have good ratings it will give you more power.


A last thing you have to do is create quality content. In China quantity is not important but quality for sure. Chinese consumers want to have a lot of information. Provide them a high quality content and they will follow you.

Besides, quality contents have a good ranking on Baidu.


You understand that trust is crucial in China in B2B & B2C relationships. Chinese people need to be reassured. They are very suspicious. Give them the keys to trust you.


It can be very hard to create a relationship in China, lot of cultural barriers and language barriers will be in front of you. But it’s not impossible challenge. Look all the companies who succeeded on this market.


If I can give you a last advice, work with chinese people in your team. Even if it can take you a lot of time to create a good relationship with your partner, he know all this barriers and he is able to help you to overcome this barriers.

You can also work with a marketing agency, they will help you to manage your communication.

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