TV Show in China ‘Rock & Roast King’ is an entertainment talent show (akin to China’s Got Talent) with audience voting and a judging panel that sought to launch their presence on Chinese social media. The show’s new series is set to be the biggest yet with a lot of hype generated online.

Rock & Roast King, despite their TV presence, had previously very little activity on Chinese social media. They sought to rectify this by launching communications on China’s two largest networks; WeChat & Weibo.

Enter GMA, a specialist digital marketing agency that partnered with the show to ensure the most effective and viral launch.


What made this an effective campaign that propelled the show to social media stardom? 



From Invisible to Viral in China 

In just two months the official account for the ‘Rock & Roast King’ show on Weibo had 324,487 followers, whilst on WeChat they had 21,409 followers. Huge figures but how was this achieved in such a short space of time?

Promoting visibility through a quality e-reputation on WeChat & Weibo went hand-in-hand.


 Weibo – A Viral Platform

Weibo now boasts over 220 million active monthly users and is thought of as ‘China’s Twitter’, the name literally translates as ‘Micro Blog’. It was a core platform for promotion of the show, many well-known Chinese cyber celebrities & entertainment brands use Weibo to interact with their fans.

Weibo is China’s most open social network, users can see posts from anyone & do not have to be connected first. This helped generate a lot of traffic and views through Weibo posts. The content became ranked more highly as the number of user comments grew, this snowball effect worked well to raise the show’s visibility and reputation.



WeChat – China’s Social Pulse

WeChat now has over 877 million daily active users and is often referred to as the WeChat Times, the community on WeChat are very active, spending on average 1.5 hours per day browsing content on the platform. In such an information rich environment it was important to set up an official account and build the show’s following to push targeted and engaging content.

WeChat is a closed network, users have to be connected to the account to see content, the focus for GMA here was to build a following in order to increase post exposure.

21,409 followers in 2 months is quite a staggering figure in the context of WeChat accounts.



The Key to Success – Content Content Content !     

China is an information rich digital environment, the focus for GMA was to develop, create and curate the most attractive and engaging content. It had to be entertaining focusing on the show’s characters, personalities, competition and above all the ‘fun factor’ of the show.

The show’s branding is centred around cartoon stylized images, a popular aesthetic in China. This had to be formatted and tailored to each post with the text promoting user to user conversation.



Promoting Conversations

In China the key is to start conversations, users are highly interactive so ask them questions.

What is your favourite type of act? What’s the most talented thing you’ve ever seen? What’s the least talented thing you’ve ever seen? What would you be like as a judge?

This campaign focused on directly personal questions that evoked responses, this combined with quality images from the show and an attractive branded aesthetic galvanized a lot of attention.

Weibo (being an open network) up-ranks content based on frequency of comments and re-share numbers.


China’s Social Media Sharing Culture

There is a strong culture of sharing content on Chinese social media, indeed 65% of users are typically sharing at least one post per day. This lends itself to the spread of QUALITY content.

On Weibo this campaign achieved 2 645 098 reads of posts with over 11 000 re-shares.

On WeChat (where re-shares are a necessity for visibility) there were over 8000 re-shares of the post onto users ‘moments feeds’. In addition over 31 000 post reads were recorded in this campaign.

Entertainment content is the most commonly shared, indeed 80% of all shared content can be categorized as ‘entertainment’.


Interactive Content

The campaign featured animated visuals that users could interact with by clicking on different parts of the image, different responses were elicited. This de-creased the bounce rate and increased the time spent on post per user, the more engagement the more chance of commenting and sharing.. this equates to such content going viral.




Monitoring Comments & Questions

An important part of this campaign was the monitoring of users comments, if they were asking questions or required a response ‘Rock & Roast King’ would need to reply, this engaged approach was the reason so many shared the content and commented multiple times, thus increasing the ranking.

It sounds obvious but on Chinese ‘social media’ brands need to be highly sociable in their marketing, this means engaging with comments, answering questions and building a rapport with an active user base, it certainly pays off in the long run!



A Launchpad for Future Success

This was a successful campaign for Rock & Roast King who now have a strong user base of followers to push content from the show, elicit live reactions and most importantly maintain engagement.

A successful TV brand launch on Weibo & WeChat with Weibo being the most powerful way of driving content, don’t under-estimate WeChat however, it’s expected that brands have a presence here and this community also will be an important part of their social media strategy for years to come.

A job well done!


If you want to co-ordinate a large scale brand launch on WeChat & Weibo please contact our expert team for more information.


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