What is the description of a Chinese tourist today?

This article is written to understand and define what a Chinese tourist today is. With the rise of tourism in China, it is important to know the profile and the behaviour of Chinese tourists during their trip abroad.

How to choose a hotel?

First, a majority of Chinese guests are staying in hotel abroad for leisure and not a business trip journey. They clearly represent two different clients who do not have the same needs or the same motivations.

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Increasingly connected to the Internet, 75% of Chinese pay attention to free Wi-Fi access in a hotel. The second service that a Chinese wants is the provision of a kettle in the room. Surprising? For them, it is mandatory to be able to make a tea or noodles at any time of the day in his hotel room.

Chinese customers also appreciate the welcome signs, web sites, tour guides and signposts. They feel secure in the environment in which they travel.

Factors Influencing Chinese in their choice of hotel

First, we find security; the Chinese want to feel safe during the trip. The recent events of violence in major cities of France as Paris had a strong impact on tourists. Security needs have increased. The cultural side is at the second place in the ranking. China likes to be in a place where there is a rich cultural and historical heritage. Regarding the hotel, 66% want a Chinese restaurant and 18 % appreciate the presence of stores for shopping.

For recommendation and reservation, 60% of Chinese ask advice from their friends. This has a strong impact on their purchases. Thus, social networks (like Wechat or Weibo) represent a major platform to choose their type of trip. Brand’s websites also have a strong influence on tourists.

The most popular destinations

Australia, France and New Zealand are the leading destinations for Chinese tourists today. But this is not a reality as the Chinese often promote closer destinations such as Hong Kong and Thailand. But France is still part of the TOP 10 most visited countries by Chinese tourists.


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