What makes Chinese consumers becoming the world’s No.1 in E-commerce is that China’s massive online and mobile Internet user are buying everything at staggering rates. Who are the major group of people making E- commerce such popular and even now become the mainstream of Chinese business model in China. The answer is people who born after year 1985. We call them as the post-80s.


The post 80s is the original generation booms emerge and spread out the online business.

What e-commerce was like back to 10 years ago? There was no business man think that ecommerce could be such successful and even no one was seeing e-business as great tools for their business. However, the post-80s changed the form of business, and made online business becoming the mainstream and it has become homework for any business entrepreneur to study and re-thinking how to develop their business.

When we compare the lifestyle of the post-80s to post-70s who are tend to be diligence and the post 90s who characterized by self-centered and master of digital, the post-80s is in between these 2 generation. They are pursuing living the good life with fashion, eager for empathy. They took the leadership of any new inventions and new consumption of purchasing behavior. You can definitely to say that the post 80s is original generation who booms emerge and spread out the online business.

The graphic below can describe the main 4 categories that the post 80s is making the change- New media channel, new entertainment tool, new communication method and new shopping way.


The post 80s wants to get more information not just from newspaper, but also the online news websites. They want to watch video not just from the TV but also online video site. They don’t want to just chat with friend by using messaging through mobile but also QQ. They don’t want to only buy cloth in the department store but also online shop. That’s how we can explain the post- 80s who is the bravest generation to test and try a new way to make things interesting and fun!

 The demographic structure decides that E-commerce can be the mainstream of Chinese online market


Does it make any difference if internet and digital were starting popular, let’s say in time of the post -70s was becoming the mainstream in the society or image that internet and digital had just started and accepted by the post 90s in 2012. Of cause here is just my consumption, but I can say the environment of online marketing will be completely different. There is a true that we cannot deny that internet and social media happened in a time that Chinese middle class has become more rich and Chinese people’s living standard has improved back in 2001 and the post-80s was born in a right time and at right age( most of them are at  age 15 ) to accept new invention of anything and the internet would be the most interesting things for them to explore and they were started making the slow changing of marketing environment in different aspects and they started to buy small things on the internet with little expenditure from their parent.

Back in 2010, the post-80s teenager was not the major spending customer in the market. Most of them were just graduated from university. They were struggling with finding job and being a new comer in the society. However, they have met a new invention again- smart phone. With this new tool, they have more chance to explore the internet easily and by the time, the online shopping has become more and more popular on the smart phone and the things buying online for the post 80s are more demanded. They might need to buy formal business suit, or cosmetic product as the job requiring. The product selection and variety of products for them has become important. With this requirement, more and more business started their online business and Taobao has become the main site for their online shopping.

Back to 2014, the post 80s is now the mainstream of the society and their purchasing behavior is making the market environment completely different from 10 years ago. They still buying product online but now they pursuit more quality products and even good services online. And for them now is not about experiment, it is everything for their daily life which meets their quality life. This situation forces any business that wants to survive in today’s market go with E-commerce with good quality of product and services.

To meet the post-80’s demand, what business should know about the E- commerce?

  1. New services need to target the post-80s in the E-commerce market.25-35 year age group is the major buying power which accounted for 52.5% of the total buying in China according to CNNIC. The internet shopping users with regard to smartphone is increasing.3
  2. The future E- commerce online services and quality of product have to improve and make progress to meet the consumption habits and lifestyle of the post-80s and even for the post 90s so that the business can maintain and keep attracting more customers and gaining more opportunity in the E-commerce market.
  3. Social shopping caters and digitized service experience carters are the 2 main categories to make the post 80s likes your business. Today, not only for the post 80s, but also the post 90s are the major groups to use social media and smartphone to do everything in their daily life. So creating a “mobile, social networking and E-commerce 3 in 1 model is a must for the business to increase the possibility of tracking the most of the major customers


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