Today we are going to analyze how US brands can Sell in China …

Based on results, there are several common approaches for US brands to reach Chinese consumers. Several US brands, including Tiffany & Co, Levis, and Michael Kors, have made a name for themselves in China’s growing Premium market.

The Luxury Conversation Survey on US brands revealed an obvious adoration for various brands and travel destinations.

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 Over the past years, Estée Lauder has revitalized its brand image in China, by targeting millennials. These millennials now contribute to about 35% to 40% of their sales in China. A large reason for their success is that they opted out of adapting Western marketing messaging, and instead came up with new campaigns specifically for the Chinese market. This was quite effective as the Estée Lauder brand recorded a whopping 40 percent growth in China in the fourth quarter of the 2017 fiscal year.

US exports to China: Brand Building then Sell

Occasionally, trends among Western celebrities and influencers will organically catch on in China. However, brands should not bank on this. To assume that celebrities who are popular in the US have the same level of popularity in China is a mistake. Instagram and Facebook are blocked in China and, although some get around this obstacle by using VPNs, the majority of Instagram influencers and Western celebrities who only use Western social platforms are unknown in this market. Brands that still believe that their Western campaigns can impact Chinese audiences will be disappointed.

With the rise of social media, many of these make-up artists and stylists have also become online influencers, amassing large audiences who turn to them for beauty advice. Because of this, brands have become household names among Chinese females. US brands experiencing the most success in China have put a lot of effort into developing a local marketing strategy, especially for Chinese consumers.

US companies that export to China: Let’s take a look at the market

Brand culture and heritage: Chinese Love the Americain Way of Life

Some luxury brands have are popular in China because Chinese people perceive them as being representative of a certain social status or lifestyle. One such example is Tiffany & Co, which has a reputation as s legacy brand exuding class and grace. Tiffany may have had the advantage of a strong reputation to build off of; however, to maintain their status in China, they embraced modern marketing methods.
Brand culture is also applicable to street wear brands, with brands such as SUPREME on the forefront of the popular reality contest ‘The Rap of China’. After the collaboration, demand for NYC cult-classic SUPREME skyrocketed. Now, SUPREME is seen as the first choice for hip-hop fashion and owning SUPREME has become a must for trendy Chinese millennials.

Affordable luxury: Great US positioning

Affordable luxury brands have seen success among upper-middle-class Chinese consumers who desire luxury products but don’t necessarily have the budget for them. High-end brands can also take advantage of consumers’ wants for affordable lux by offering some lower-level prices point items in the China market. Luxury fashion might be too expensive for millennial consumers, but make-up is accessible. Lower-priced items are how to meet consumers’ half way, an investment for future brand loyalty.

How to Promote your US Brand in China?

Marketing is the key in China, you get great Marketing, consumers will buy it… and Distributors will contact you
The real question is how to develop my Branding in China.

What is Branding in China? Almost Everything

I always say, if you want to Success in China sell Cheap or Build Brand.

You can not sell cheaper than Chinese, so you have to Build a Brand from scratch most of the Time.

 KOL and celebrity endorsement

When a product is endorsed by Chinese influencers and celebrities, the natural effect is a rise in interest. Other brands have found success through formal partnerships with Chinese celebrities and influencers, by making them brand ambassadors.

Website Creation, Development & Auditing

Aesthetic norms in China are different from Western preferences of a clean design. Chinese consumers like pages with a lot of information, animations, and pictures. Adaptations of content in the Mandarin language need to be made because you have to be understood by your target market. A mandarin website will also allow you to do SEO because when they do research, they use mandarin key words. With SEO, you will gain in visibility, which is the key to success in China. Your website also needs to be hosted in China.

Social Media Marketing (WeChat & Weibo)

A comprehensive China strategy comprises of e-commerce, social media, and mobile and digital marketing. Brands must be willing to experiment with new social media platforms and marketing campaigns blending online and offline.
Focus on mobile marketing with both a highly developed WeChat account and make your platforms available to Chinese in the Chinese language. Get your online shop up and running. Over 90% of Chinese luxury buyers use WeChat pay and AliPay.

Others Important Services

• Reputation Management & Community Development.
• Public Relations & Exposure in Chinese E-Media.
• Analytics, monthly reports & analysis from our team of experts.

Luxury brands should capitalize on the integrated branding, marketing, and sales offered by China’s social media. The digital eco-system of China is unlike anything in the West. What was done on Facebook and Instagram is not applicable here.
Chinese millennials are passionate about luxury. They want to be seen to identify with luxury brands. Their wants of US brands depends on the story being told. Understand the culture and don’t make decisions regarding China from a US office. To be culturally appropriate is to lay the foundation for success.

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