Top 15 categories

On line visitors were searching Cosmetics products via 4 most popular websites: Search engine, E-commerce,videosite and social media in the Q12014


Let’s understand customers profile to better understand what strategy to design

The most cosmetics products information was covered by search engine, E-commerce site, online video site and social media platform. Other websites like entertainment and news sites were also covering information of cosmetics products as mainstream of advertising channels.

Firstly, as we can see from the diagram above, the most of online channels had higher general users than cosmetics product users whereas travelwebsite had higher coverage rate ofcosmeticproduct users than general users in particularly.

The reason could be travel agency puts cosmetics coupons with travel service. As we all know, Chinese love to buy souvenirs when they are going to overseas. This strategy could increase the number of potential customers to visit the travel website.

Secondly, when we look at the online video sector, although there were lower cosmetic product users than general users (Which was 8 % lower than general users) However, the averageofdayvisiting pages on video site and length of time by staying on the video site for each day were on the top 3 of online service categories. So it is still a good channel to advertise the cosmetics products information

Ana user

From 10am to 11am and 8pm to 9pm was the peak time for users to search and buy cosmetics products online. Besides, people were like to shop online on Monday, Friday and Saturday very most as shown above.

There are few reasons that we can explain the trend. Firstly, people are always doing their leisure activities after work or even before the working hours in China. Secondly, shopping is one of activities for people spending time during the weekend and especially for women they love to go shopping and they love to shop online. It’s interesting to see it still have a lot people shopping on Monday. The reason might be people still didn’t wake up from the happy weekend !