The 2016 report by Tencent Pinguin Research was published to make us understand the attitudes and behaviours on WeChat.

Why WeChat is important in China ?


Huge community of users


There are 700 million monthly active WeChat users and 55% of them have more than 100 friends. So that represents a huge community connected. Thus, we understand that we can attract lots of people through this social media but before we need to understand customers’ behaviours to know how to use it effectively.


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Who are the main users ?


Users’ Profiles 


There are more male than women using WeChat because of the proportion in China.  Actually, there are more male in the country.

Young adults are the most important users and they work especially in corporations or as a freelancer. They have mostly a high purchasing power.


How long do they spend on WeChat?


Time of use 

time spent online wechat


WeChat users are really addicted to this platform. 61% of them open WeChat more than 10 times per day and 36% more than 30 times.

In addition they sta

y a really long time connected, 32% stay online longer than 2h.






What are users doing on WeChat ?


Main Activities 

red packet wechat 2016

The main activities of WeChat users is to look at their moments and post new information on it. Then, people like reading contents via public official accounts.

They are also numerous to use WeChat for their payments and money transactions.






61.4% of users check moments each time they open WeChat. They are really addicted to checking moments during the day and interested in their friends’ life-style personal content

However, pictures and videos are the most favourable content on moments. Consumers are less attracted by text and articles.




Reading contents:


More users read news on social media than on specialised websites or TV: 40% check the news on WeChat regarding 20.6% on news website and 8% on TV. There are 700,000 articles published a day.


Use money:


Chinese also use WeChat for their payment and money transactions. 200 million users attached their credit card on the app in order to pay their purchases or transfer money with their phone. It is easier for them because they don’t need to bring their wallet, just their phone.

The red envelope is the most popular payment feature. There were 8 billion wechat red envelopes sent during the Spring festival this year.



People pay a lot through WeChat, 70% of users spend more than 100 rmb per month.

It is really convenient as most of the shops (200,000 businesses) accept wechat offline payment in-store. The other positive point of WeChat payment is that you can also benefit from promotions or discounts.




Any services


The City Services section displays a large menu of services available: you can play lottery, pay your bills, book appointments with doctors, book a meal or tickets. It is available in 78 cities and 16 provinces.

60% of users have used WeChat life services, most of them use it to pay the phone bills.




How officials communicate through WeChat?


Official accounts


WeChat is also used by publics society to inform and communicate. There are 10 million WeChat Official Accounts and 72% of them are a business entity in diverse sectors that could be in culture, service, IT, commerce and so on.

wechat official account



Users follow official accounts mainly to acquire information, see campaigns or interact with companies.




Other WeChat accounts


WeChat is now expanding in other areas such as coupons, charities and sports. Sport players can for example see the result of their daily exercise and compare it with their friends on the social media. It is really useful to improve its self performance and appeal to more and more users.


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