Vancl launched its new advertising campaign


It has been quite a long time since Vancl 凡客 (Fan Ke) launched its big advertising campaign we mentioned, starring super famous blogger Han Han 韩寒.


Vancl han han


Vancl’s new concept

Very recent move has been the launch of its new campaign only available in visual pictures, without videos. Such move enables them to reduce communication costs while still reaching people in the metro with effective posters visuals.

This new campaign has changing its design, from white background to black one but still keeping the red font with Vancl’s motto. But not only this design has changed; the photo style has been totally moved to a different concept. Quite out of the traditional ads, using black and white photos with high detailed skin texture, not smoothed or refined. It is quite a bold strategy to choose such idea.

Vancl new ads 1

Vancl and the Voice of China

In order to succeed with such concepts, Vancl has partnered with the super trendy TV Show, the Voice of China 中国好声音 (Zhong Guo Hao Sheng Yin), starring 5 famous participants of the program: Li Qi (李琦)、Wang Tuo (王拓)、Simon Chung(钟伟强)、Zhu Ke (朱克)、Yao Bei Na (姚贝娜)


Vancl new ads 2


While the budget on this campaign has been obviously decreased in comparison to previous one, which was broadcasted on screens in public areas, I think the idea is here and the campaign is catching back the eye. It is for me a good one without hesitation, but will it help to increase the sales of Vancl? That’s not necessarily sure; Chinese market is getting more and more mature about clothing retail and Vancl is still not giving an image of an innovative company. Usually using same styles as other brands it has a clear lack of specific style in comparison to other H&M, Uniqlo and other big foreign players.


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