The Vast Scale of China’s Gambling Market

Gambling is not officially allowed in China but for most gambling players, China is an ideal place for gambling companies because some of the strong demand and time spent in casinos to make some deals personally. There are many online and offline casino clubs who are offering their services and platforms to play gambling options with the help of other participants. Lots of gambling clubs have unique plans and special membership fees to capitalize on the demand. China’s market has great potential for everyone who likes gambling and wants to play gambling with expertise. The gambling market has now become a profitable business.

The vast scale of China’s gambling market is an irresistible lure. In public areas, restaurants, hotels it is forbidden and strictly not allowed. Now the trend has been changed and many people like to spend their times to plan gambling games in their homes or to go to some specialist gambling spots. The vast scale of China’s gambling market is creating many chances for interested peoples or for foreign travellers who like to play online gambling games and remain in touch with their foreign gambling friends to enjoy the live fun.


An Overview of China Investment and Space for Gambling

China is a land of opportunities, presenting a great potential for almost every investor and business person. The Chinese population is increasing rapidly opening up chances for foreign investment, especially with the rise of the Chinese middle class, you can contribute to its market share by introducing unique and demanding products / services. The gambling market attracts some business persons who are interested in attracting customers in Mainland. The promotion of gambling and gambling-related activities are illegal but it is a grey area, marketing of the non-gaming aspects are still allowed. There has previously not been a huge space for the Chinese gambling market because its always been legally banned and allowed only in few hotels. Now however China is committed to channeling the existing, vast underground of gaming revenue. It is true that the government of China is not allowed to operate gambling in public areas but in some specific regions, due to foreign traveler’s interests and high level investment, rules are being laxed.


Online Gambling in China

Many international brands have introduced gambling opportunities for Chinese people who like to play online and want to participate in big casino games just for earning purpose or for entertainment activity.  International players involve Chinese people to play online gambling games and earn handsome fees by paying special attention to points of interest in gambling games. Gambling games are a type of probability which can be winning or can be lost. The vast scale of the Chinese market is irresistible and like a heaven on earth. Due to fast communications and instant resources gambling games now become an industry in which people make their investments based on forecastings and personal assumptions, people choose this game to earn money fast and to pay instantly by earning huge profit. There are many international brands that are attached to online gambling games and want to expand their activities all over China and abroad from China. The Chinese effect on global innovation is now key. A little change can lead however to heavy loss so the rich should take care of their wealth.

An attendant demonstrates an online baccarat game on a smartphone at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) Asia in Macau, China May 19, 2015. REUTERS/Bobby Yip/Files

Chances to Survive Gambling in China

Gambling itself is not a good activity that negatively affects those who excessively do it. Gambling is prohibited in China yet still there are many online resources which urge (with their attractive campaigns) users to make some investments and play games to earn rewards and other valued gifts. It is all due to increasing interest from the Chinese people. There are many world top-class brands which have attractive deals to join their online clubs and play online with existing players. Sometimes they introduce special offers, packages, deals, and plans for the future. By introducing limited gambling this trend can play an effective role in development with further investment and sustainable profitability when utilized effectively. With the passage of time, the vast scale of gambling across China is growing and creating space to be flexible in many ways. Many gaming clubs, restaurants, hotels and accommodation services are adapting to modern lifestyles and introducing gambling plans.


Lottery Sales Growth

Lottery sales growth is increasing tremendously all over China. The careful analysis of China’s sale growth exposes that the growth of comparison by products in 2013 to 2014 has been increased by sports and lottery type plans. Sports sales growth is 81.7 %, VLT is 30.4%, Lotto sales growth is 17.7% and Scratch is almost +2.4%. There is a great potential for lottery sales in China and the people are participating more due to instantly responding gaming activity and short time scale earning.  By the end of 2016 analysis and surveys expose that people with higher disposable incomes are taking more time to enjoy themselves, this is equating to greater expenditure. There are many people who always seek short term gain and want to play online gaming activities to earn benefits in a short time.


Gambling is a huge ‘grey area’ Market in China and very difficult to penetrate.