Video Production services Agency / Company based in Shanghai (China)

We create attractive video for Chinese audience …and more.


Video motion for our Agency

Introduces our services with a video motion

Advertising Movie

Gentlemen agency can make an advertisment movie and the script. Our services :

  1. Script
  2. Film shooting
  3. Realization

Our communications agency recommends the best picture quality with HD (high definition) or 25 P (progressive scan) video shoot. Know that the shooting DV cam is of lower quality than HDV shooting, mounted in DV. Trust our technicians videos experts. You can validate the scene filmed, people videotaped the know-how selected, etc.

Online Buzz Video


We create attractive video to be shared on social media, via the media, or by the users. We create stories and engages audiences. In short, our video are done for increase your digital communication.
Our team has good knowledge in storytelling in Chinese and content creation for Chinese , with over 5 years experience of movie-making and graphic design .

More information about Buzz and our strategy here 

1,4million views here



Corporate movies


Our communications agency realizes your corporate films
To show to your customer your skills, improve your internal communication, change your brand, share and store your events, promote your sector or region, or even keep track debate.
For outdoor video shoots, we recommend a team composed of a TV reporter and an assistant.

You want to display an image of a dynamic enterprise? Include in your movies an innovative jingle, animation generic or titration worked.

  • Film production company or institutional
  • Our company respects your graphic.



Video clip

If you are a group or an artist, we can help you realising your video clip, music clip or music video.

Our agency welcomes you to the world of image and professional sound.

Why the realization of a video clip?

It’s not the length of the film that matters to you but the relevance of your message, the pace of the film and the quality of your  images.
Our communications agency does filming and video editing in a professional manner, keeping  only the best of your images.

Why not increase the life of your clip by spreading it on the web?

  • Music video: editing your images on the music
  • video editing hardware which allows heavy animations.
  • Clip standard: mount music on your images.
  • Hard cover of your dvd movie available on demand.






We are a digital Agency, we offer other services like on-line promotion / diffusion.

Video production services shanghai