Quality content marketing is not always effective

Content from your website that drives traffic, develop your brand image and create trust and credibility is so important for your business in China. But even if your website create traffic, if it is not turn into leads, it is a lot of potential clients lost and somehow a waste of time.


Brand awareness is great, as long as people actually contact you. Making quality content marketing is essential, but content that you have created that is going viral is what you are aiming for. So in order for you to do something relevant for your company, how to make great marketing content to attract leads?


Create viral content


A good content is not always as effective as one which could go viral online, even if you have emphasized so much work into reports, and analysis, if your content is not attractive to netizen can unfortunately make a flop among the web. What you need is to make something original and worth reading for the visitor on your website.

Few little tips to create great content

  • Get some tips from the top people in your industry. We are not asking you to copy your competitors, only to get tips and study how they have succeeded in their sector. Get inspired by their work, and try to find your own style to make good content
  • Use headlines that are appealing to the target, do not reveal the content of the post in the headline!
  • Write your content in order to give it an emotional touch, more attractive to readers
  • Images and videos make the content more attractive, it is sometimes less boring than reading those long articles! An image can better describe a feeling, an idea, and a video is the trend. Be creative and put yourself into your reader’s shoes, post things that you would like to share yourself.


Convert your traffic

You have created great content and now you have an important traffic? Now come the last stage: make your website traffic contact you. To do so, you need to work with tools that will help you go through those leads.

trafic internet

Email marketing software can be a great solution to start with in order to build and control your email list, don’t miss any important information. You also should offer some premium content, something that adds up the value of your brand image, a PDF listing and explaining your service? Or case studies which talk about your industry available to download? It is up to you to make a difference. Videos are also fun tools to build up trust of your brand and credibility, the message of your content is better broadcasted and in a fun way if you are creative enough.


Content marketing has to be worth the time


Content marketers have to achieve a return on investment, even if you are experiencing a high traffic on your websites and you still get no lead, it is time to maybe change your strategy, or work with an agency that could help you reach your goal.

You need to build brand trust and credibility, get engagement from your traffic but at the end of the day, convert website traffic into actual sales. This is not an easy task, it takes time to develop your brand and offer contents that attract reader’s attention. Of course, you have to propose quality content marketing, but in the same time make sure that it won’t be a waste of time and money.

Create appealing content, especially dealing with marketing: your posts must reflect the innovative and professionalism of your company. The readers have to feel that you are trustworthy, and after reaching this point, those leads will naturally convert into sales.

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