A party for normal people

In China, wealth flaunting is always widely regarded as a previlege for uncivilized people while most people who envy them always try to be one of them. And recently, a contest among those people on Weibo has engaged numorous “Diao Si” (see more about Diao Si) on Sina Weibo and turns into a crazy party.

Wealth Flaunting Contest on Weibo 1

Such high-end and high-grade quality, yet modest with luxury and connotation as this system is not for ordinary people like you, it’s the limited edition that Bill Gates designed only for me.

Wealth Flaunting Contest on Weibo2

…Come on, you call that show-off? Open your eyes and look at my 24K gold teeth!

Wealth Flaunting Contest on Weibo3Several days ago , I went to South Africa with my dad to visit the local Diamond Factory, and brought back a pile of rough diamonds just like that……

Wealth Flaunting Contest on Weibo4The only reason I would participating this is that my jade heirloom pearl necklace is way too irresistibly eye-catching……

Wealth Flaunting Contest on Weibo5

The jade bracelet which my husband bought for his darling is too heavy for me to bear, but what can I do!? This is high-end luxury style!!!

Wealth Flaunting Contest on Weibo6Made in Germany, 24K gold pocket watch which is made by German locksmith Peter Henlein for the Chinese Emperor kangxi. (see more about mooncake market in China)

Wealth Flaunting Contest on Weibo7It seems that I have to show you my heirloom, colossal emerald necklace. feel it.

Wealth Flaunting Contest on Weibo9I could not bear anymore! A NIKE limited edition! It’s a unique worldwide which is made with real leather!

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