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Gentleman marketing agency is a web agency focusing on theimprovement of your visibility and image on the Chinese Internet.As a dynamic agency, Gentlemen Marketing Agency always staysat the front of the online marketing in China, to offer clients the latest andmost suitable solutions.

How do we help you?



Optimization of your website with a SEO work and setting up of PPC (pay per clic) campaigns

Presence on Chinese social networks

Community management and viral marketing

Public relations

Diffusion of your release on Chinese media, mainly online media


Marketing viral

Organization of the Buzz and relay on Chinese Internet


Do you know that 90% of Chinese buyers (professionals) start their search on Baidu?

Increasing your visibility and traffic is our priority. We offer you different SEO and SEA services:

  • Consulting your Site. A preliminary audit is carried out in order to optimize your site in a global way with a view to a good referencing on Baidu. In particular, mobile navigation is improved.
  • Optimization of your Articles. Different techniques are used to update your content for better SEO.
  • Generating Backlinks. A careful selection of quality backlinks is made to optimize your SEO.
  • Management of E-Reputation. Word-of-mouth and user reviews are a crucial point of a good online reputation. We can manage this on sites and forums related to your industry.
  • SEA / PPC (Pay Per Click). Our PPC campaigns include a complete strategy including buying advertising, selecting the best keywords, and tracking those keywords so that you are always as visible as possible.

A comprehensive strategy in the long run you will get a permanent online reputation and visibility through effective SEO techniques that we will implement. Regular monitoring is provided to measure the results of our SEO / SEA campaigns.

Social networks

Building your brand is paramount in the constitution and animation of a true community. This happens not only through WeChat, but also by other social networks, such as Weibo, as well as blogs and forums. Our services therefore cover these different needs:

  • Define a Strategy. This preliminary step allows you to specify the orientation and concepts of your communication campaign.
  • Creating and animating your Accounts. This step will make it possible to launch your community, and a successful and regular animation of your WeChat or Weibo accounts will make it possible to increase loyalty and to engage more users. This includes quality content.
  • Collaboration with influencers. Also known as Key Opinion Leaders – KOLs – influencers share their lifestyles and feelings about products, events, places … A close collaboration with the latter allows to reach a wider audience, thanks to the confidence that the users give to their favorite KOLs.
  • Online Events. WeChat users enjoy interactivity, and events on the platform are a good way to increase your number of fans, but also improve the loyalty of your existing fans. These events can take the form of webinars or games, for example.
  • Management of E-Reputation. Word-of-mouth and user reviews are a crucial point of a good online reputation. We can manage this on blogs and forums related to your industry.

Public relations

Depending on the market segments you are targeting, different types of media can be used. Specialist Press Relations are very important because readers are already filtered and they bring together Chinese influencers – Key Opinion Leaders or KOLs – who have an important role in China. Our Press Relations campaigns are based on different elements.

  • A wide network. We have more than 2000 journalists in our contacts.
  • Regular monitoring. We send you a detailed report on the PR campaign every month.
  • Qualitative content. We do not just create content, but we efficiently and intelligently generate the right content for your audience.
  • A team of experts. Our communication with customers via online media is effective thanks to our Chinese team specialized in the online press.

It is therefore necessary to create and maintain good relations with Chinese journalists. These are the people who directly showcase your company’s products or services. These are the ones that will promote your product through various actions, such as putting in the front page of an article about your brand.

Marketing viral

On request, we can also offer you creative services and media broadcasts (photos, videos …), in order to relay them virally on Chinese social networks and forums

Effective campaigns on social media and other platforms will, in the long term, increase its brand image and increase its visibility on these platforms, which are essential for good communication in China.

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We are the top and most visible Web & Marketing Agency for China you will find on the web. Our Services: E-Commerce, Search Engine Optimization, Advertising, Weibo, WeChat, WeChat Store & PR.

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Frequently Asked Question about our web agency in China

Are marketing solutions suitable for me?

The solutions above are suitable for two kinds of customers

  • customers who want to increase their brand awareness
  • companies who want to improve their image

What is the your process?

  • We study the positioning for you or your company in China online context
  • We analyze your target, and propose appropriate solutions to reach your audience
  • We identify,¬†evaluate and propose most effective online solutions for you
  • We manage and supervise campaigns
  • We measure results and evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign

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